Donald Trump is bragging about his early victory at Truth Social.

Former President Donald Trump spoke on social media on Wednesday about the success of the candidates he supported in Tuesday’s primary election – especially the defeat of a Republican brahmin in South Carolina who lost his seat after last year’s capitalist uprising. Had voted for the impeachment of

“Everyone who was endorsed by Trump’s candidate won by a large margin last night, except for one very long shot that performed better than expected against any official,” Trump said. Social truth.

“Impeachment was ousted without a run-off. A great night!”, The former president added, referring to the defeat of State Representative Tom Rice in the 7th District of Palmetto by State Representative Russell Fry. Giving

Rice was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump on the only count of inciting revolt after the riots that disrupted congressional certification of Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory. Trump was eventually acquitted by the Senate.

Former President Donald Trump has bragged about the victory of his backers in the Republican primary.
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Representative Tom Rice
Former President Donald Trump has hailed the “impending defeat” of Tom Rice’s correspondent.
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Representative Nancy Mess
South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mess missed her primary challenge from a candidate backed by former President Donald Trump.
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The “long shot” Trump referred to was Katie Arrington, a former South Carolina state representative, who she supported against current GoPer Nancy Mess in the 1st District Primary.

Mess initially criticized Trump over the January 6, 2021 riots, but has since softened his stance. She escaped the Arlington challenge by 7.8 percentage points.

In a subsequent post, Trump predicted that GOP Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), Vice chair of the House Select Committee investigating the Capital riots, will suffer the same fate as Rice.

“The same thing is going to happen to Liz Cheney, a Virginia resident in Wyoming, who happened to South Carolina Congressman ‘Ampech Master’ Tom Rice, who lost by 28 points as an incumbent!” They said.

“To me he is no less than a war criminal who has done a terrible thing for the great state of Wyoming!” Trump continued.

The Chinese, who also voted last year to impeach the 45th president, are trailing Trump-backed Harriet Hagman in the Republican House primary in Wyoming.

Representative Liz Cheney
Former President Donald Trump has said that Republican Republicans will lose a key challenge.
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Donald Trump Truth Social
Congratulatory post on former President Donald Trump’s early victory on his Truth social account.

Cheney, who was removed from his role as chair of the House GOP conference in favor of Rep. Alice Stefanik (R-NY) in May last year, appeared before the committee on January 6 during two public hearings so far and Have been the center.

In Nevada, too, Trump-backed candidates have won, most notably former Silver State Attorney General Adam Luxelt, who will run against Democratic Senator Catherine Cortes Masto this fall.