Dilip Ghosh says that ED has laid the foundations of Mamata Mukta Bengal.

BJP MP and former Bengal chief Dilip Ghosh told News18.com in an interview that the arrest and subsequent dismissal of Partha Chatterjee – a former minister in the Mamata Banerjee government – after his name surfaced in the SSC scam. Happened too little and too late. Criticizing the Chief Minister, Ghosh said that the opposition’s efforts to forge a united front with Banerjee had failed as Chatterjee’s face was broken after the massive recovery of cash and gold from his aides and he was Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There was no alternative for Modi. a match.

Edited quotes:

Mamata Banerjee has dismissed Partha Chatterjee from cabinet and party posts. What do you do with it?

Did it take seven days for Mamata Banerjee to realize that the party does not tolerate acts of corruption and remove Partha Chatterjee from the TMC as well as ministerial posts? The figures (cash and jewelery exports) have crossed Rs 200 crores.

Earlier, she stood with many people accused of corruption. Its MPs remained in jail but were never expelled from the party.

This time, she knew she would lose more. He has washed his hands of Chatterjee because his own party is witnessing a revolt, the society and the nation are witnessing how corrupt his people are. “To save the share, the hand must be cut off, to cut off (to save the body, the affected hand must be amputated). Despite all this, Mamata Banerjee did not sign off on Chatterjee’s removal; the Chief Secretary did. We know that there has been a rift within the party.

Two or three weeks ago, his district president was questioned. He enrolled himself in SSKM. 150 crore rupees were found on inquiry. People close to Banerjee are corrupt. How long can she pretend she isn’t? Sonia Gandhi used to say the same thing and you can see what is happening. It will soon reach the highest leader. If someone needs to solve this, the top leader needs to be taken into account. Gadbad is from there (the error is from above).

TMC believes that Mamata Banerjee is an alternative to PM Modi in 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Receipt of this amount seems to have put him in a position and his chances of becoming the face of a united opposition have diminished.

These people have looted the money of the poor and formed the government. PM Modi said that he will not allow anyone to take bribe. Can she compare herself to the PM at all, let alone the alternative?

Abhishek Banerjee said that he will meet the petitioning teachers who have been affected by the SSC scam. Do you think this is a loss control exercise and will help?

How many people can he talk to? There are thousands. Those who cleared the test could not get jobs and those who paid money got jobs without sitting for the test. Mamata Banerjee is a Chief Minister who is on sit-in against the CBI probe. We were attacked. [in Bengal]. She is the robber queen herself.

Do you think ED will come out on top this time?

CBI visited the state time and again to interrogate TMC leaders but could not do anything. I think there was some arrangement with some officials who were hand in glove with the government. Even courts were organized. The judges recused themselves from hearing the case. There were no papers, no decisions. This is the fear in the state. The people of Bengal are appreciating the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the documents recovered, if made public, would reveal the recovery of over Rs 200 crore. Many politicians will go to jail. Didi says ‘age bangla’ (we are in front). Now we know where Bengal stands first.

Can the BJP capitalize on this in the state and put pressure on the Mamata Banerjee government?

The matter is legal. Politics will continue. We hit the streets and there are cases against me in every court in Bengal. Millions of workers have been affected. Many workers are still outside Bengal and living in other states. I visited these states. ‘People want Mukti from here, our path is being built by ED (ED is paving the road for ‘Mukti’ from Mamata Raj).

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