Best Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Reviews 2021

Devoko ergonomic gaming chair is a flexible length and high back PC chair with a headrest and lumbar support with an official office chair. Red devoko ergonomic gaming chair high back flexible and neck support with premium build quality and this devoko gaming chair wrapped by high-class leather and freely adjustable lumbar support and a headrest cushion.

devoko gaming chair

Defending your neck and spinal 360-degree, swivel rotation with high-quality moveable (rolling) wheels avoids damaging the floor and easy move.

There was 5 primary color that let me decide to choose the devoko ergonomic gaming chair ultimately. This gaming chair logo at the top of the chair's headrest, then looking at another lonely akracing gaming chair with a bit of embroidery on the lumbar support pillow.

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The color options available for this chair were red, white, and blue because you know American stuff. At the end of the day, I chose white because it is the cleanest looking. I just wanted something slightly different from the standard brightly colored gaming chair that seems to be trending everywhere. 

Another one of this chair's key design features was the diamond pattern stitching in this chair's middle and back seat. This little detail makes this chair seem much more of a high-end item and doubles as structural support as it also helps increase the load capacity this chair can withstand.

devoko gaming chair
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lumber support and neck pillow
  • Backrest reclinable to 180 degree
  • PU upholstery
  • Durable cold foam padding
  • Steel frame
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds


Other key features of this chair worth 360-degree swivel rotation were silent wheel casters, a lot of tilt function, and a height-adjustable gas spring that moved the chair up and down—also equipped with ergonomic headrest and adjustable lumbar pillows that are pretty much standard on most gaming chairs nowadays.

devoko gaming chair

The comfort or function of the chair or the pillow in any way just a little nitpicky complaint on a product that overall I'm extremely happy with this I think this is the best bang for your Buck in value under $150 currently available in the market honestly with their stellar customer service and their exceptional build quality I believe you have not an issue with this devoko ergonomic gaming chair.

Heavy-duty running gaming chair with combined metal frame global standards explosion-proof gas spring fit for playing your computer games and seeing TV. We are offering a new gaming chair with full installation guidance and tools. Installation guidance is a friendly after-sale service load capacity of 300 LBS, and the seating area dimension is 19.8 to 20.5 and backrest dimension 19.8 X. 30.5 liters and adjustable seat height 16.1 to 20.

Build Quality

No. 2 was the build quality, and I'm happy to say this chair functions and looks exactly as described in the pictures and the listing. When seated, the chair feels extremely durable and doesn't creak or wobble anywhere. In one particular area where I was worried about armrests, I was afraid they would wobble side to side a lot, which is a common occurrence for many of these office chairs; however, the armrest bases seemed very snug with little to no side to side sway. The arm resting is height adjustable and can also be inward and outward for maximum comfort.

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devoko gaming chair

The third thing we have is the price. Can you get some cheaper chair alternatives out there? Are there more expensive options out there that have a better soft pillow and flexible lumbar support? Sure, I continually noticed that the lower price chairs I found available on the market were a consistent level of overall consumer dissatisfaction with either build quality or customer service.


  • 90-degrees
  • 110-degrees
  • 130-degrees
  • 170-degrees
  • Customer Support

    When my chair arrived, there didn't seem to be any kind of wear and tear signs on the box. In the other case itself, it indicated any kind of mishandling from the shippers. I opened up the box and discovered a one-inch gash on the bottom right seat; knowing this part of the chair would get a lot of future contacts and likely only increase the size of the gash over time, I decided it was probably not something I want to live with so I reached out to the customer service folks over at the devoko ergonomic gaming chair and explain the damage and included a picture of the cut I found on this new chair.

    devoko support team

    Within 2 to 4 hours, the representatives had responded to my email and let me know they'd be sending me out a replacement see free of charge and even included the shipping tracking information—No-fuss, no muss, just quick and timely response to a minor issue.

    This is the type of customer service level that is shockingly hard to come by these days, and no doubt, this chair, and company have such high reviews on Amazon. The only thing I would change on this chair would be the branding of the pioneer gaming on the lumbar pillow.

     There's no real company or gaming team that goes by the name pioneer gaming this chair is associated with, so it seems it's merely just a model number or something the manufacture simply adds, so that helps the chair scream out to potential consumers.

    Specification of Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

    Seat: 19 to 20."
    Backrest: 19.8" to 20.5"
    Seat height: 16 to 20."
    Chair height: 47 to 50."
    Rotation adjust
    360-degree swivel rotation
    180 degree back adjust

    Pros And Cons Devoko Gaming Chair


    • Devoko ergonomic gaming chair is a comfortable and entry-level gaming chair with ergonomic functions, with lumbar support, rounded backrest, and a wide tilt range.
    • Detailed styling with 3 color choices.
    • Muted strong PU wheels with a stable 360-degree swivel base.
    • Devoko ergonomic gaming chair weight capacity is 300 lbs.


    • The armrest is not fully flexible nor padded.
    • The lumbar pillow is too difficult for certain clients.

    Frequently Ask Question

    Are ergonomic chairs good for gaming?

    Gaming chairs are particularly designed, ergonomic chairs intended for high (but comfortable) hours performing video games. Certain curved chairs support the angle where the seat satisfies the back, so their position can change with expertise.

    How long do gaming chairs last?

    The best gaming chairs can continue up to 5 years. It up to you how regularly you use your chair and the quality of its materials.

    How do you lean back on a devoko ergonomic gaming chair?

    Handle recline: for honest work, set the recline within 100° and 110°. Then lean behind and relax your body facing the backrest. Optimize workstation length: set your desk's right side length and computer monitor in sync with your chair.

    How many Chair Come in Different Colors?

    The chair comes in three colors.

    What is the height adjustment of this chair?

    The chair height at low side 16.1 inches and a large size 20 inches.

    Can you separate the lumbar cushion and headrest cushion?

    Yes, you can also remove the headrest pillow and lumbar pillow.

    Do the Wheels Lock?

    No, the PU casters do not have a built-in locking function.