Deshaun Watson has rejected a settlement offer from the NFL that suspended him for less than a year, according to reports.

With the NFL now appealing Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension, there’s a very real possibility that his punishment could get worse in the coming weeks.

The NFL originally wanted to suspend Watson for at least a year, and now, the league will actually try to do just that. CBS Sports NFL Insider Jonathan Jones. Although Judge Sue Robinson ordered the six-game suspension, Roger Goodell on Thursday appointed former New Jersey AG Peter C. Harvey to oversee the appeal hearing, Jones confirmed. Harvey will now make the final decision in the matter.

The NFL filing an appeal in a case where the NFL is in charge of the appeals process makes it difficult to imagine a scenario where the NFL does not add a substantial number of games to Watson’s suspension.

Watson could have avoided all of that if he had settled his case with the NFL and had the chance to do so before Robinson handed down his decision on Monday. According to on ESPN.comIn the days leading up to Robinson’s decision, both the NFL and Watson’s camp tried to work out a settlement.

Although the NFL wanted to see Watson suspended for a full year, the league was willing to reduce that number in a settlement. According to ESPN And Sports Illustratedthe NFL’s final settlement offer was: Watson would be suspended for 12 games and fined $8 million to $10 million.

The offer was turned down by Watson because he was unwilling to accept a contract that would suspend the quarterback for six to eight games. Watson was also unwilling to accept a heavy fine. According to

Basically, Watson gambled by not accepting the NFL offer and it looks like he’s going to lose that gamble. Had Watson accepted the 12-game suspension, he could have put it all behind him, but instead, he now faces an indefinite suspension of at least a year.

At this point, it feels like Best case The scenario for Watson is now a 12-game suspension. With his six-game suspension currently under appeal, that actually gives the two sides more time to work out a potential settlement, which means Watson could get another chance to sign a contract with the NFL.

The fact that the NFL was willing to settle for a 12-game ban in a possible settlement rather than a one-year suspension According to To Yahoo Sportsthe NFL definitely doesn’t want to see Watson play against the Texans in Week 13, and one way to prevent him from doing so would be to suspend him for 12 games (if he gets a 12-game suspension, the Texans game the last game in which he will have to sit out).

If there is no settlement and Watson’s suspension is extended by the NFL, there is a very real possibility that the case will end up in federal court. However, CBS Sports NFL Insider Josina Anderson reported on Thursday Watson’s camp has not decided whether to file a federal lawsuit. According to Anderson, Watson’s legal team will wait to see what happens in the appeal. If the suspension is bumped up to 12 games, they can just go with it and not file a lawsuit. On the other hand, if he gets banned for a year or more, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see a lawsuit filed.

No matter what happens, it’s far from over. As for the appeal process, Watson’s camp has until Friday to respond to the NFL’s appeal. After that, the decision to suspend Watson will be entirely in Harvey’s hands.