Deployment of a technical team at the Indian Embassy in Kabul on 23 June

Deployment of technical team in Kabul: India has deployed its technical team at the Kabul Embassy to better coordinate and monitor India’s humanitarian assistance projects in Afghanistan. After the advent of the Taliban regime in August 2021, India recalled all Indian officers from its Kabul embassy. This is the return of a team of Indian officials to Kabul after 11 months.

Recently, a team led by a Foreign Ministry Joint Secretary level officer visited Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Indian diplomat also met with Mottaki, the foreign minister of the Afghan Taliban government.

A technical team arrived for humanitarian aid.
There has been a lot of turmoil in Kabul since the Taliban came to power. India has sent a technical team from India to the Kabul embassy for humanitarian assistance to better coordinate with the Taliban government in Afghanistan. The Indian technical team has reached Kabul today and has been deployed at our embassy there.

Development Partnership with Afghan Aid
Let me tell you that even before this, India had sent another team to Afghanistan for humanitarian aid. The team visited Kabul to oversee the distribution of humanitarian aid and humanitarian work. He also met with top Taliban leaders on the team. During the visit, a humanitarian team from India also reviewed the security situation there. Relations with India and Afghan society are far behind and our development partnership, including humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan, will continue to guide our vision.

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