CWG organizers flag ‘rude’ behavior by India weightlifting team manager, IOA issues warning

Last update: 30 July 2022, 20:00 IST

A representative image for weightlifting (AFP Photo)

India’s weightlifting team manager Pradeep Sharma was ‘quite rude’ during the Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

An embarrassing development for the Indian contingent in Birmingham Commonwealth Games weightlifting team manager Pradeep Sharma was on Saturday targeted for allegedly “rude” behavior by the organizers.

Gina Dawson, CGA relations manager for the Birmingham Games, wrote to the Indian delegation over Sharma’s behaviour.

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Responding to the email, IOA acting president Anil Khanna directed Sharma to keep a low profile and stay within the rules.

“We have been advised that one of your team officials, Pradeep Sharma, was very rude to one of our T2 drivers earlier today as he requested to be dropped at a non-T2 destination,” Dawson said. wrote in the letter which is in possession. PTI’s

“Just to note that team officials do not have T2 privileges and will only be able to use your own CGA vehicles, or bus transport to other villages of the venues, or public transport with your approval.

“There is also a confirmed destination list and our drivers are not able to leave taxi services anywhere. We request your teams to be respectful and courteous to our workforce at all times.”

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