Best Custom Gaming Chair Reviews Customize Your Chair Really ?

We'll be looking at the custom gaming chair. I hope I pronounced alright, by the way; one of the key selling points of this check is that tractive buy on price stay tuned to find out if it's any good.

So I paid just under 150 pounds in the UK. The links will be available below to purchase in the US and the UK. The custom gaming chair comes with 3 different color options; you can get the basic color

Which is black, and you have 3 different types of color accents, so they are red, blue and the one I've chosen is white as you can see in the picture because I think personally that's the best color combination available for this chair.

custom gaming chair

The custom gaming chair really ergonomic it has nice stability, and it can take quite a bit of weight. It was on these chairs because he can move around from carpets to rugs to word with absolute ease. The design is very nice, and it's like, racing car seats, and there are really nice crisscross designs across the bottom of the check and at the back.

Adjust Your Logo & Comfort

custom gaming chair

My only negative point if the seat padding were slightly thicker, then it would be more comfortable to sit on. We have 10 centimeters of height adjustability. The lowest being at 44 centimeters moving all the way up to 54 centimeters. So the lever also has another purpose you can high adjustability, but if you look at the left, it will stop the rocking function and unlock it by sliding it to the right.

At the top of the headrests, you get an additional cushion that acts as a neck support. It's really nice and soft. Some people decide to take it off, but when I've had to on, I realized that it works wonders, and it is really needed to use the custom gaming chair for a prolonged amount of time.

That's one thing I love about this check is when you lean back these extra-large sides, he almost hugs your shoulders to the chair.

Build Quality

custom gaming chair

The same is also applied from the bottom section, so when you sit down, the is a really comfortable seating position anyone has any issues if you use this custom gaming chair for prolonged hours such as games sessions at

15 sessions or just relaxing once you read in the book I've used it for around 4 to 5:00 hours I didn't have any neck pains or any number of issues any back pains so quite good for a chair that cost less than 150 pounds.

You get 6 levels of height adjustment for the armrests, so if you want all the way down, you can do that too all the way up; that's absolutely fine, and if you're an indecisive guy and once it's somewhere in between, that's also perfectly fine. On the armrest, you have a swivel function,

so at a normal position is keeping it straight, but if you like to keep your arms a little bit outwards, that's fine click at once to the right and if you prefer to keep inwards, click it once to the left the downside to the armrest is that you can't move it back and forth.

When I'm using this chair, I normally have it set to free reclined options. The first one is totally upright. That's why I need my full concentration from doing work on the project doing some research.

custom gaming chair

As you can see in the pic you make a design as your requirement. the second one is when I'm gaming, I have liked to have reclined a little bit further back to enjoy the game and a bit more.

The third one is if I'm on my mobile phone or reading a book, I like to relax and chill and maybe put my feet up these on the free recline options that are normally used well as you can see from the demonstration, he goes 180 degrees to 90 save to take your fancy.

So what do I think of the check for the price point it's great. It's comfortable we can use it for long hours; however, there were many negatives.

These include there is no back and forth adjustability on the armrest, and I would like the seating padding to be slightly thicker to provide more comfort on longer use.

Specification of Custom Gaming Chair



This is not a real specification; it's just for those whose height is 6.5 inches to 6.7 inches. So if you want your own customizable chair, you can also go with this brand and contact me. I will suggest you complete specifications as per your need.

Swivel: 360-degree swivel rotation
Reclining: 172 lying design
Adjustable Seat Height: 
Minimum Seat Height - Floor to Seat 30cm
Maximum Seat Height - Floor to Seat 36cm
Load capacity: Load capacity: 300 LBS
Seating area Dimension: 20.87"x21.65" (L X W)
Backrest dimension: 22.4"x31.5" (L X H)
Adjustable seat height: 17.3-21.26 inches
Overall Dimension: 27.56"x21.65"x48.82-52.76"(L X W X H)
Adjustable Height: 30 to 36cm seat height to floor to seat

Pros And Cons Custom Gaming Chair


  • This chair has an ergonomic design with a high curved back.
  • They also have 2 adjustable and removable pillows for the lumbar and/or the lower back and one for the neck.
  • This chair also has those two cutouts, which are typical in most gaming chairs.
  • The custom gaming chair pillow can be adjusted up and down to suit your needs.
  • Custom gaming chair have two levers. The first one is to tilt from a range of 90 to 135 degrees, and the other one is lifted up and down.
  • The material of the chair water resistant synthetic leather.
  • This chair has a dimension of 82 by 64 by 32, and the maximum weight capacity of this chair is 300 pounds.
  • This chair is a quick and easy setup. It took less than 30 minutes.


  • This chair is not for taller users.