Best Cougar Armor Gaming Chair Reviews 2021

Cougar gaming chair is getting rigorous and more competitive nowadays, and it is not just a medium for leisure anymore. First, some people's gaming has become their profession, and eSports has already has become a vast industry with so much investment. People's interest in streaming gameplay got famous, and tears started streaming for hours at a time.

cougar armor gaming chair

However, with every advancement, there is always human backward, and in this case, it is back pain and neck pain. Traditional cougar gaming chair do not have lumbar support, and as gamers need to sit a more extended period of time on their chair, this can be harmful to their back and neck and thus can be the necessity of cougar gaming chair which are specifically designed for gamers and people who sit in front of a PC for a more extended period of time daily there is a lot of cougar gaming chair store available in the market from different brands.

Today we are talking about a gaming chair from a cougar that I have been using for a few months now for my gaming habits and my work. I spend the better part of my days sitting on this chair.

Build Quality

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Cougar armor S has been intended for the individuals who need matchless comfort and a set of luxury features that will bring their gaming experience to an unheard-of level with premium PVC leather, a high-thickness exceptional foam, and an extraordinary precious diamond molded pattern. This is a cougar gaming chair that should support your lumbar for you to be online all day comfortably. The chair comes unassembled in a large box with unnecessary screws and tools to assemble it, but the box is huge and weighs a lot, which it should as it is a still made chair. Cougar armor s has two designs and, as you can see in the picture, have the Black Edition.


For edition, comfort and support to comfortable pillows are also provided for your head and lumbar region its body design is highly ergonomic design is created by especially gamers so that it can support your lower back minimizing tension and providing your body ultimate comfort I am not a gamer but work and tells me to sit in front of a pc all day gaming in the only hobby to me and if you are professional who has to sit in front of a PC all day like me then this chair can be an outstanding option for you too.

Its additional information premium breathable PVC leather feels excellent to contact and permits air to go through, which will keep you new and agreeable comfortable armor S comprised of steel that ensures long term durability and offers strong help for your body.


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Armor S allow you to recline to a resting up to 180 degrees with this chairs; you are not restricted to fix it steps when reclining your chair, so instead of so as opposed to being restricted to a couple of choices, you can locate the specific point that maximizes your comfort and remain there the seat likewise has a flexible inclining resistance and armrests for more ability with high density molded foam and unrestricted reclining I am impressed by How comfortable the chairs is I was able to sit a more long time when I was under tremendous work pressure without feeling any pain or irritation.

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And when I needed to take a break or rest for a while, I was able to easily do that without having to leave my chair by just adjusting to my comfortable position. The core of each gaming chair is its gas-lift-cylinder cougar gaming chair has promised exceptional safety with incredible resistance as it utilizes a type 4 gas lift cylinder. The chair is made of steel the quality of this chair is strong and durable as I was assembling the chair, I also feel the chair to be very sturdy and strong built I am using this chair for a long time, and I can assure you that they cannot stand a long period of time.

build quality

Cougar armor s a more affordable gaming chair from Cougar, which lacks a lot in terms of features. Even though the fusion of cougar gaming chair has soft foam, they are not made with breathable material, so instead of being comfortable chair causes more discomfort overall, if you are looking for a comfortable gaming chair in an affordable price range, than cougar armor is your best choice it has a quality build breathable PVC leather molded useful foam features that contribute to more excellent comfortability. If the budget note is a factor for you, you can go for other options, but this cougar gaming chair could easily be your choice for a long time without a budget

Specification of Cougar gaming chair

Material: Faux Leather
Model: Armor S
Base Material: Steel
Surface: Breathable PVC Leather
Color: Orange
Item Dimensions: LxWxH
Manufacturers Suggested Maximum Weight: 330 pounds.
Item weight: 47 pounds
Recline: 180 degree
Item weight: 2.2 pounds

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Pros And Cons Of Cougar Armor


  • Breathable PVC Leather seems very accurate.
  • Animal Cruelty-free faux leather.
  • Lumbar and Head Pillow attach to the comfy sensation.
  • 3D Flexible armrest is largely excellent.
  • 180° Entirely Reclining back.
  • The package covers everything that wants to create the chair.
  • High-quality parts.
  • Affordable related to identify brand chairs with comparable characteristics.
  • Very convenient. A notable upgrade from your normal desk chair. Frames are heavy-duty and secure—no stretching or bending.
  • PVC Leather seems great and is suitable against bare skin.
  • -Orange is a brilliant and intense color, meaning it will spice up space or the chair. This points to a more excellent view of the room.
  • Armrests set in various directions for a personalized sitting area and typing position
  • High back, neck, and lumbar help with included pillows, which are also of similar quality with the rest of the chair.
  • The parts are not and metal plastic, so they are strong, although a little heavy.
  • Extremely comfortable for the head, neck, and the whole back.
  • Famous for me as I sit a lot during streams on Beam
  • They are often constructed of sturdy, well-built stuff.


  • Base is plastic and not an element.
  • Stitching is not all around about the seat; the rear views are zippers with no head
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q1) Cougar is a good gaming chair?

Cougar gaming chair is an excellent seat for advanced-level gamers. This gaming chair is fully flexible, and that will provide the most gamers demand. Including an iron case, top-class-quality parts for extra stability, and amounts of options to fine-tune according to your requirements, the cougar gaming chair is ready for action.

Q2) Cougar gaming chair is a great brand?

Cougar Gaming Chair Accessory Review: Superior It's a mid-Level Prices. Cougar is a maker of high-class-quality gaming chair that might not be available everywhere.

Q3) Do Gaming chairs make you healthy?

The easy solution is that cougar gaming chairs are more reliable than regular office chairs. That is why gaming chairs maintain proper posture while sitting.

Q4) Why are gaming chairs bad?

Lower Lumbar Support

Gaming chairs are a variety of chairs that arrives with lumbar pillows. The purpose is that gaming chairs do not have any lumbar support developed into the backrest. This stretches back to the low-end build quality. No matter whereby you design the pillow, it will be extremely soft for any or extremely hard for others.

Q5) Are gaming chairs worth the money?

Gaming chairs are worthy of the property for somebody who consumes extended times sitting at a computer. Gaming chairs address bad sitting weaknesses and teach you how to sit in the right position. Assembling in a gaming chair is much comfortable while also doing ideal for you.


Many forgot or neglect about bought a great gaming chair because they don't understand the benefits that they are avoiding. By getting the best design for you, you're spending bucks for the advantage of not just your prolonged time comfort but your energy as well.

 We've arrived at the top, and it's a chance to find my opinions on the Armor S Royal gaming chair from Cougar. I had a little of an experience by this review considering I also held out the regular armor S chair earlier this time, which I had some different feelings about, I might join. Many of the characteristics are replicated with the Superior model, which in most events is a good idea. On the head, it's excellent to view how the Cougar gaming chair has approached any of the difficulties associated with the cougar armor S chair.