Basic Things About Corresponding Angles Which You Should be Clear About?


Being clear about the corresponding angles is considered to be the best possible way of ensuring that kids can have a good command of the subject of mathematics. Corresponding angles are the angles that can be formed by matching corners or corresponding corners with the transversal when two parallel lines will be intersected by any other line. The very basic example is the angles that are found on the opposite side of the transversal. It is very much important for people to note that transversal can intersect to parallel or non-parallel lines because of which the corresponding angles can be of two types. These are categoriszed into two categories which are explained as follows:

  • Corresponding angles formed by parallel lines and transversal:

If a line of transversal crosses any kind of two parallel lines then the corresponding angles which have been formed will always have equal measure and a set of two parallel lines along with transversal will be forming eight angles with the transversal among which corresponding angles will be equal.

  • Corresponding angles formed by non-parallel lines and transversal:

For the non-parallel lines if a transversal intersects them because such angles formed by them will not have any kind of relationship with each other they will never be equal which was possible in the cases of parallel lines. In such cases, there will be no relationship between the interior angles, exterior angles, vertically opposite angles and consecutive angles.

The corresponding angles postulate has been perfectly explained as follows:

According to this particular concept, the corresponding angles will always be congruent if the transversal is intersecting two parallel lines. In other words, if the transversal will intersect two parallel lines the corresponding angles will always be equal without any kind of doubt and the best part is that kids will be able to solve the questions very easily and efficiently.

The corresponding angles are also available in the cases of the triangle and these will be the ones that are contained by the concurrent pair of sides of two similar or congruent to the triangle. The corresponding angles into the triangle will always have the same measure without any kind of doubt. The corresponding angles can also be supplementary if the transversal intersects two parallel lines perpendicular because every angle will be having a 90° measure. In such cases, the sum will come out to be 180°. Corresponding angles will not always be equal and they will always be formed by transversal and parallel lines. The angle rule of corresponding angles is also very much available in this particular area which further makes sure that corresponding angles will be equal if the transversal will cut two parallel lines. Corresponding angles can be both complementary as well as supplementary without any kind of issue.

Following are some of the very basic terms associated with the whole process of parallel lines and transversal:

  1. Corresponding angles will always be formed at the same relative position at every intersection.
  2. Vertically opposite angles can be formed by transversal and parallel lines and will always be opposite and equal to each other.
  3. The angles which are formed on the interior side or inside of two parallel lines with the transversal will be termed as the alternate interior angles.
  4. The angle formed on the outside exterior side of the parallel lines and transversal will be the alternate exterior angles.
  5. The angles are found inside two parallel lines but one side of the transversal is consecutive interior angles and the angles which are supplementary to each other will always have the sum of 180°.

Hence, being clear about all the above-mentioned points is very much important for the people and apart from this people also need to be clear about the concept of the complementary angles so that they can solve the questions very easily. Mastering this particular subject is only possible if people register themselves on platforms like Cuemath so that overall goals are efficiently achieved.