Correspondent Sean Castin says 17-year-old daughter Gavin died in her sleep.

Correspondent Sean Caston on Wednesday mourned the death of his 17-year-old daughter and said the teenager died peacefully in his sleep.

The Illinois Democrat said his eldest daughter, Gavin Castin, went to bed Sunday night and never woke up in a heartbreaking statement Wednesday.

“There are no words to describe the hole in your heart when a child dies,” the congressman said in a statement on behalf of himself, his wife and his second daughter.

His office announced Gavin’s death in a brief statement Monday, but did not provide further details.

In the new details, Correspondent Caston described the teen’s unexpected death the night before.

He said Gavin, his wife Cara and youngest daughter Audrey ate together as a family that night and then Gavin went out with friends for a few hours. When he returned home, he said good night to his parents, texted a friend to make sure the house was well and fell asleep. She never got up.

Coston said the only thing she and her family knew about her death was that it was peaceful.

Correspondent Caston announced the untimely death of his daughter on Monday evening.
Sean Caston for Congress / Facebook

“And the only lesson we can learn from this is to enjoy the moment with our loved ones,” he said. “We want purpose. We want to believe in a brighter tomorrow. But the only thing we can control is our existence.

Gavin plans to start a college to study environmental science at the University of Vermont in the fall, Caston said.

The 17-year-old girl loved music and activities like her father.

He played the trumpet for his high school donors Grove North’s jazz band, Wind Ensemble and Pitt Orchestra in preparation for Marie Poppins’ Spring.

Gavin Caston
Gavin Caston was ready to attend the University of Vermont.
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Gavin also set up an “empowerment club” at his school, inspired by student activists after the Parkland shooting, Caston said. The club became the largest club in high school and raised issues such as gun violence prevention, environmental protection and the LGBTQ Alliance.

Through her work with the club, Teenager helped students of all ages register to vote and organized Black Lives Meter rallies.

According to Twitter BioHe served as co-director. March for our lives Illinois Chapter

She also appeared in one Campaign video In support of his father, who is running for a third term in Congress.

Caston said of his late daughter, “If her light seemed to be a little brighter than most, it was because she was so generous in reflecting the light and love that so many people gave her. Was. ”

Representative.  Cast
Correspondent Caston said his daughter fell asleep Sunday night and never woke up.
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Just 10 days before his death, a member of Congress Proud to recognize your daughter’s work. Arranging “Stop Blood” training at your school in a broadcast interview.

Caston and his family thanked all those who arrived with condolences and support.

“Everyone has to ask what they can do, we just ask you to live your life the way Gavin did,” he said. “Enjoy the moments. Use every ounce of energy you have to ensure a better, more tolerant, more generous, more loving tomorrow. Not because you know your tomorrow is coming.” “But because you know someone else’s will.”