Commander-in-Chief Daniel Snyder declined to testify at a US House committee hearing on mismanagement in Washington.


The U.S. House Oversight Committee, one of the top investigative bodies in Congress, recently requested that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Commander-in-Chief Daniel Snyder be charged with 22 counts of misconduct within the Washington franchise. Testify at the next hearing in June. One of them has formally declined the invitation. Axios Reporting On Wednesday, Snyder will not attend the hearing due to concerns that he and his lawyers have more than “appropriate action.”

The Washington Post reported Wednesday night. Goodell has accepted the invitation to testify.Although it will appear from afar.

Snyder’s lawyer, Karen Patton Seymour, wrote to the committee on Wednesday that her client would leave the country on June 22 as part of a “long-running business dispute involving commanders,” but that Snyder would not cooperate with the committee. Ready for. “During Washington’s own investigation. The committee rejected a previous request by Snyder’s legal team to delay the hearing on additional concerns about “questions asked of Snyder (which will be)”.

The commanders also offered to send another “informed witness” to testify on June 22, Per The Washington PostReferring to the day-to-day responsibilities of this person with the team, as proof, they would be “in a much better position to answer questions about the workplace culture.” But the committee refused. A spokesman for the committee told CBS Sports late Wednesday that the hearing would proceed as planned with or without Snyder, and that the committee would respond to his letter, apologizing for its participation. ۔ A source close to the situation also expressed uncertainty over Goodell’s plans for the hearing.

Lisa Banks and Debra Katz, lawyers representing more than 40 former commanders and employees who have long been accused of harassment and sexual harassment within the organization, have since called on the oversight committee to “Issue a petition to compel Mr. Snyder to appear,” Fey said. Of PostTo teach the billionaire that “he is not above the law.”

The oversight committee has been investigating Washington and the NFL’s own handling for months. The NFL had earlier announced that it had co-operated extensively with the Washington inquiry into “presenting more than 460,000 pages of documents.” Six former commanders’ employees, meanwhile, joined the oversight committee leaders for a roundtable discussion in February on alleged mismanagement. The Round Table uncovered both new allegations. Including Snyder’s inappropriate behavior claims – and a renewed commitment to “possible legislative solutions” focused on holding the NFL and Washington accountable for “sexual harassment perpetrators.”