Chiefs Patrick Mahoms responded to Tyrick Hill’s shocking complaints about playing for Kansas City.

If you were surprised to hear Tyrick Hill. Complain about your time With the Chiefs, you were not alone. So it was with Patrick Mahoms.

In his first interview since Hill’s comments were released, Mahoms was asked what his former colleague had to say about his time with the chiefs. From what he heard, it seemed as if he would catch up.

“I’m a little surprised just because I felt we loved Tyrek here,” Mahomes said. He told reporters on Thursday. “We’ve always loved her, we still love her. I saw her in Formula 1 in Miami and everything like that, but I’m sure her podcast will get some things and He had something to do with trying to roll. But I definitely love Tyrek. He’s kind of a player. “

If you remember Hill’s comments, he made them. The first installment of this podcast at the weekend. During the show, Hill said his relationship with the chiefs began to break down because He was not getting enough of the ball..

“If teams are going to give us one-on-one matches against their best corner, I don’t understand why teams don’t use their best receivers,” Hill said. “And this is the place where maybe like me and the chiefs are completely separated. Please give me the ball.”

Hill’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, added that during the 2022 season, the recipient sometimes felt “underutilized.”

According to Mahoms, the reason Hull received less ball was because the defense was more responsible for it.

“When you’re competing that he is – that’s what I liked about Tyrek and I still like, that he wants to win – and I think that’s what we got coverage. “The defense was really accounting for it, so we had to move on,” said Mahoms. “But when he’s that kind of opponent, you have a chance to influence the game. So I know he wanted to get as many balls as possible so he could help us win. Winning a football game, especially at the end of the season, was not the point. We hang out with the guys who are here and we try to keep winning football games. “

Mahomes also said that Andy Reid’s crime was not just about delivering the ball to one person.

“As far as you know Coach Reid’s offense, it takes the whole team,” Mahomes said. “This crime was happening before I got here. This crime was happening when I was a young cowboy fan watching the Cowboys beating the Eagles on the cowboy. It’s a crime that involves more than one.” The players are involved, and so am I. “

Mahoms said another thing that he would not take Hill’s complaints to heart.

“That’s what I’m sure he’s trying to show that he loves the place in Miami where he is,” Mahomes said. “He loves his peers.”

If Hill was bothered by his touch in Kansas City, it could make things weird in Miami, as things could get even worse there. Hill finished with 111 receptions in 2021, and it will not be easy to top that number as he will play in a crime against Jillian Waddell, who caught 104 passes in 2021.

Only Two teams in the last 10 years. (2014 Broncos, 2018 Steelers) has developed two receivers that ended the year with at least 100 receptions in the same season, which means that there is a high probability that Woodall or Hill in 2022. They will see a decrease in production. Basically, the same complaints could soon be made about Hill Chiefs that he is also making complaints about the Dolphins.

Hill also said that Tua is Tagovailoa More accurate passersby Compared to Mahomes, it is interesting to note that he has not yet played a real game with his new quarterback. Unfortunately for football fans, the Dolphins and Chiefs will not play each other this year until they meet in the playoffs.