Celtics vs Warriors NBA Finals Game 6 Choice, Batting Difficulties: Golden State Should Close Boston, Claim Title

With the 2021-22 NBA regular season now in the books, the basketball betting market is hotter than ever. CBS Sports will provide daily selections for the post-season period. Sam Quinn will now make at least one choice for each game between the NBA Finals. All lines courtesy of Caesar Sportsbook.

Featured game | Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors

I usually try to defend my choice with as much objective information as I can. I will provide something in over / under and prop pack. But if you’re asking me why I, the author of this column, invested my personal money in the Golden State Warriors, who won the NBA Championship on Thursday, it’s really that simple: they can taste it. This was evident when they separated themselves in the fourth quarter, when Dreammond Green was scoring the first points, when Jordan Poole made his second bunker of the series, the great batsman, when Andrew Wiggins made every competitive jumper. started. My completely subjective memory is struggling to remember many incidents where apparently a team is isolating itself in this depth in the final and not running with the title. Fighters are well aware of this feeling. They have been on both sides of it in the final. Six years ago, they were in the same condition. They had the opportunity to close the road finals against Cleveland. They failed, and lost Game 7 at home. There are strategic and statistical reasons for me to lean towards the Golden State, but at this stage of the final, you will eventually have to rely a little on your gut. Mine is telling me that Warriors are going to be NBA champions. Choose: Warriors +3.5

Okay; now we can get a little more objective. Let’s take a look at the Boston Celtics offense in numerical terms:

  • Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown averaged 7.3 field goals per game in the limited area in the regular season. That figure has dropped by almost half in the finals to 3.8 per game.
  • The Celtics are scoring just 98.5 points per 100 positions – and 82.1 points per 100 plays at half-court on their last two losses. These are bad numbers, but in general, when you see such numbers, you assume that bad shooting is the culprit. Nope done. Celtics scored more than 37% of their 3 pointers in these games.
  • Celtics have allowed 103 turnover points in the series so far. This is the most defeat of any team in five games in the finals, and the Warriors need only 12 to set an overall final record in Game 6.

So, we have a team that is struggling to score despite losing its 3s. Celtics have completely failed to score on the rum with Robert Williams III struggling with a knee injury. They are turning the ball left and right. Golden State relied heavily on Stephen Curry to make his mark in the 1-4 Games. Wiggins stepped into Game 5. Someone else will come in Game 6. But Game 5 shows how unstable Curry’s individual offense can be. Sometimes, he loses just nine 3 pointers. It has been a five-match defensive series. This is expected to be the case in Game 6. Choice: Less than 210

Is Game 6 Clay Thompson a Fiction? Not even an atom. If you ignore the 2019 blow to the Clippers, Thompson has scored 25 points or more in every Game 6 played since 2016. He averaged 32.2 points in those games (excluding the Clippers game), and only lost to Golden State. On the road against LeBron James and in which Thompson literally tore his ACL. Yes, I’m not betting against Game 6. Looks like he’s got his stroke in the last three games, he’s the top cherry. Selection: Thomson over 20.5 points

Andrew Wiggins deserves all the credit in the world for his 29 rebounds in the last two games, but there is a strategic explanation for that. The Celtics are making a point of pulling Kevin Loney and Dreammond Green into the circle so that the edge can be seen that neither of them is in a position to rebound as they usually do. The Wiggins have been statistical beneficiaries, and they will be in Game 6. Puck: Wiggins more than 7.5 rebounds

I played this prop in Game 5 and I will play it again in Game 6. Through five games, Jayson Tatum has scored as many 3-pointers (19) as he has 2-pointers (19) in this series. He can’t reach the basket, which means his only chance to meet his scoring quota is to jack the 3s. He made five of his 10 appearances in Game 5. I expect him to make at least four in Game 6, but with even more effort. Choice: 3.5 Tatum over 3 seconds