Can you spot the cat in this pile of wood in 20 seconds?

We all enjoy doing puzzles together. Visual illusions and picture puzzles usually go viral and grab everyone’s attention because they are fun to solve. The internet is full of interesting visual illusion tests that reveal different aspects of your personality and intelligence. Some also evaluate your vision, focus, and attention to detail.

A photo has gone viral on social media challenging people to find some kittens among piles of wood within 20 seconds. While some people may notice it immediately, others may rack their brains for a while.

An optical illusion in which you have to discover a cat hiding among wooden logs has gone viral on social media as many people are unable to figure out the answer to this optical illusion.

As you can see from the picture, this cat is really hard to find. Most users were unable to discover anything other than a large truck, empty roads and piles of wood.

If you can’t find it, let us help you. If you look closely at the photo, the kittens can be seen huddled around a thick piece of wood in the middle right corner of the photo. We have put a red circle around the kittens in the picture.

Many people tried to solve the puzzle and those who couldn’t commented on how they couldn’t find the kittens. “I haven’t seen a cat yet,” lamented one user, while another said, “I can only see wood,” while a third said, “You have to help me. “I can’t find the cat.”

It’s so difficult that many people almost gave up when the photo appeared on Reddit. Many others claimed it took a long time to notice but was hard to see. Sometimes visual illusions are deliberately difficult, which may be the case here.

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