Bulldozer action against the Prophet of Islam Imran Khan

Imran Khan on bulldozer action in India: Tensions are running high in many parts of the country over BJP leaders’ remarks against the Prophet of Islam. Meanwhile, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has justified the bulldozer operation following the UP violence over the controversy over the Prophet of Islam. It has tried to give false consolation about bulldozers raiding the homes of those accused of violence in India. Imran Khan has made a false attempt to show sympathy to the accused by questioning the bulldozers operating on the houses of the torturers in India.

Referring to the bulldozer attack on the homes of those who tortured the Prophet of Islam in UP, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said it was “deeply regrettable” how Indian authorities protested against the blasphemous statements of BJP leaders. Demolished

Imran hurt by bulldozer operation!

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted: “It is amazing how the Indian authorities demolished the houses of Indian Muslims in protest against the blasphemous statements of the BJP leaders against our beloved Prophet. Instead of showing sensitivity towards Muslim citizens, their houses were demolished. Muslims around the world have suffered greatly from blasphemy. This inhuman, fascist move is completely reprehensible.

Bangladesh described India’s internal affairs

On the other hand, a minister in the Bangladesh government had said that the controversy that started after the remarks against the Prophet of Islam was an internal matter of India. The Bangladeshi minister had said that like other Muslim countries, the issue was not being addressed in Bangladesh. He also said that the government was not compromising on the issue.

UP bulldozer raids victim’s house

Explain that the house of Javed Pump, the so-called mastermind of Prayag Raj violence, was demolished following the order of the district administration. Police claim that they found illegal weapons during a search of Javed’s house. This includes 12 bore and 315 bore guns. Police have arrested several people in connection with the violence over prophetic remarks in different parts of the country.

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