Bruce Arens knows the Buckeyes can’t replace Rob Gronkowski, but he has confidence in Cameron Brett, the second TE.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will remember Rob Gronkowski fondly as he looks to his second Super Bowl title in three years. Gronkowski was instrumental in the Buccaneers’ first championship race, but so did Cameron Brett – who is emerging as the No. 1 seed. 1 Strict punishment in crime.

Bruce Arens, who recently retired, doesn’t think he will be a major drop-off with Brett, who has been successful in his eight NFL seasons.

“It’s a step back, that’s for sure – because he’s a Hall of Fame player,” Arens said. Via “But I love the room right now. I love the young kids there and Kim Brett is a good experienced player that Tom really trusts.

“Now, he’s not Grank. I think the size he brings as a blocker and receiver is unparalleled. You don’t replace this guy, but we have Cody McElroy; I think now is the time.” He has come out as a receiver.

Brett has 253 passes and 33 touchdowns for 2,683 yards in his career, including 30 catches for 245 yards and four touchdowns for Gronkowski last year. His best season came in 2016, when Brett caught 57 passes for 660 yards and eight touchdowns.

The Buckeyes are accustomed to keeping Gronkowski out for a while, as the 2021 season has left Gronkowski out of five games due to injury. He still finished with 55 catches and six touchdowns for 802 yards and nine catches for 116 yards and one touchdown in two post-season games.

Regardless, one of the hardest heads ever is hard to replace. Gronkowski is fifth in NFL history for receiving yards from hard ends (9,286) and third in receiving touchdowns through hard ends (92). At 1,389 yards in the playoffs, his 98 catches are the third highest by any player in post-season history, and his 15 receiving touchdowns are second in playoff history.

The Arians also believe that McElroy could be a breakout player for the Buckeyes this year. McElroy has played just three games in two years and has spent most of his time on the Buckners’ practice squad, with just one catch from 30 yards out. He will compete for the number one spot from Cad Otten and Co Cafet. 2 hard work.

Aryans, meanwhile, has no plans to return to coaching, as he is satisfied with how his career turned out. The most winning head coach in Buccaneers’ history, the Arians had a .633 winning percentage (31-18) in their three seasons with the team – including a .833 winning percentage in the playoffs (5-1). Is. He finished his career with the Arizona Cardinals and Bookers with an 80-48-1 record (.624 win percentage). Including his 9-3 record as interim head coach of the Indianapolis Colts in 2012, the Arians’ winning percentage (89-51-1) is eighth among the coaches who have scored at least 100 in the Super Bowl era. Games coaching.

Is Arians a Hall of Fame? Instead of focusing on it, he is more satisfied that he quit coaching on his own terms.

“I probably did anyway, so why not now,” Arens said. “I know a lot of people think the Hall of Fame is the last one and if that happens then being able to wear a gold jacket would be the most incredible thing. But that personally means to me. There was more to it. “