Brit gymnast Georgia-Mae Fenton performs for BTS’s Black Swan. Army give him full marks

Is Brit gymnast Georgia-Mae Fenton a BTS fan? His recent performance at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham is indicative of this. On Saturday, Fenton joined her team for the women’s artistic gymnastics final at Arena Birmingham. Fenton came out and performed his talents to the tunes of BTS’s Black Swan.

Fenton moves beautifully as the instrumental version of the song plays in the background. The catchy performance has won over BTS fans. ARMYs from around the world cheered her on, with some even giving her full marks for her performance.

“Know anything about this game but it’s a 10 for me,” one fan tweeted. “Just wow…hats off! Kiss the chef! With Black Swan energy… I hope she gets the gold medal… Phillips too I mean wow!!!” Added one more. “10/10/10 so proud of him that was amazing!!!” Read the third comment. “Brother when I tell you the military are literally the most talented people ever (I mean it),” a fourth person tweeted.

The BBC reported that Georgia-Mae Fenton and her team members — Ondine Achampong, Claudia Fragapin, Alice Kinsella and Kelly Simm — represented England in Saturday’s competition and won gold for the country. They beat Australia in a tense final.

Meanwhile, BTS is busy with their individual work. J-Hope recently released his solo album while starring in the spin-off of V aka Kim Taehyung In The Soup: Friendcation with his Wooga Squad friends Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-shik, Park Hyung-sik and Peakboy. are doing

RM’s vlog from his recent trip was released over the weekend. Jungkook recently released his track with Charlie Puth, Left and Right, while Suga, Jin and Jimin are also expected to work on solo projects.

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