Brazil, Spain report first monkey deaths outside Africa in current outbreak.

Spain reported its first monkeypox-related death on Friday, believed to be Europe’s first death from the disease and only the second outside Africa in the current outbreak.

Brazil earlier on Friday reported the first monkey pox-related death outside the African continent in the current wave of the disease. The victim was a 41-year-old man who also suffered from lymphoma and a weakened immune system, according to the Ministry of Health.

“Comorbidities exacerbated his condition,” the ministry said, adding that the patient was hospitalized in the southeastern city of Belo Horizonte and later died of septic shock after being taken to the intensive care unit. Died.

According to the World Health Organization’s July 22 report, there were only five deaths worldwide, all in the African region.

The WHO last Saturday declared the outbreak a global health emergency, its highest level of alert.

In its latest report, the Spanish Ministry of Health said 4,298 cases had been confirmed in the country. Of the 3,750 patients it had information on, it said 120 were hospitalized — that’s 3.2 percent — and one died, without giving further details.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health declined to provide further details about the deceased.

Brazil is among the countries most affected by monkeypox in the Americas, along with the United States and Canada, with more than 5,000 cases reported so far, according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

PAHO said in a press briefing this week that nearly all reported cases have been in men who have sex with men between the ages of 25 and 45, but warned that anyone can get the disease, regardless of age. Regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

(with input from Reuters)

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