Beyoncé fans came up with a prank to promote Break My Soul streams and Twitter fell for it.

Beyonce is back with her new album Renaissance and Stan Twitter is going up in flames over the beauty of it all. Queen B’s last single was ‘Black Parade’, released in 2020 in commemoration of June Tenth. His last full-length album was 2016’s ‘Lemonade’. The drop of new single ‘Break My Soul’ took Twitter by storm, with fans finding different ways to promote the track.

A Beyonce fan made a neat joke to boost her favorite streams. People unfamiliar with Stan Twitter’s antics can be seen falling left and right for jokes. The user, taking to @xavewave, wrote: “Beyoncé didn’t change the lyrics from “I quit my job” to “need a break from jobs” in Break My Soul because people were actually quitting their jobs. ” The goal, of course, was to get fans drooling over the songs to change if the lyrical change actually happened.

That sort of thing, apparently, doesn’t count as disinformation on Stan Twitter.

For those still doubting, Spotify’s lyrics still say “I just quit my job”, at least at the time of writing this article. But one can, of course, stream the song across platforms and worship Queen B to be sure.

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