Best RGB Gaming Chair Reviews 2021

RGB gaming chair

The RGB gaming chair is more or less precisely what it sounds like with a mildly concerning name. Why you would name a chair whose most common failure points tend to be in the base or the wheels after an RGB gaming chair, someone who’s known for being virtually indestructible everywhere except for his heels, is beyond me. Still, we’ll talk more about that later.

The instructions were clear and straightforward, making construction pretty easy the entire process took less than 20 minutes or so eft cheats. I don’t have any complaints there from the bottom of the chair we have five plastic wheels I feel fairly sturdy steel base advertised to support up to 440 pounds or about 200 kilograms for those of you with particularly large aspirations.

The leather style vinyl material memory foam bucket seat with diamond stitching and perforation for keeping your butt cool can be accompanied by a long USB cable that I will talk about shortly a lumbar pillow the 4D armrest.

The headrest pillow with more memory foam and finally the RGB gaming chair zone in the back customizable with the Hara software to feed that RGB comes this provides a 75 inch roughly 1.9 meter USB extension cable. Plug that cable in, set up your lighting, then you’re free to untether yourself from the PC and power of the chair with a battery bank or otherwise but don’t worry, RGB doesn’t just let it hang out. He tucks it in as for effect, you get the following breathing allowing you to select a color and control speed.

Wave with direction brightness and speed control. Neon, which is basically a color shift. Blank and effect I personally never agree with, so it’s a good thing you can’t see it. 7 colorways and affect that isn’t relatively as smooth as I’d like, but that’s what the regular way setting is for. Random light a kind of soft, smooth rainbow effect. Rotate, which I think should have been called Red Bull. Static with brightness control. 17 waves running, but it looks kind of cool.



or unlocks tilt on the chair base. The gas lift is the lever on the right side that gives you about 10 centimeters worth of adjustment, bringing the chair as low as 55 centimeters off the ground or as high as 65 centimeters up. The second little over to the right just the angle of the backrest allowing 150 degrees of lean back when used in conjunction with the base tilt. Alternatively, you can punch a few degrees for super intense focus mode.

The 4D arrests have 2 points of interaction 1 on the outside for height adjustment and the inside button that unlocks the remaining movements. RGB is as strong and flexible as he is a loss for about 2 inches 5 centimeters of forward and backward movement 1 inch 2.5 centimeters of side to side about 15 degrees of swivel and 3 inches 7.62 centimeters of height adjustment.


The most important part about the chair is the comfort. This is going to vary a bit for everyone since the butt is probably different and better shape than mine, but my experiences with the chair are pretty positive. I initially thought the leg rest was going to be some cheap gimmick, but its construction is sturdy, and the padding is comfortable. I don’t use it when I’m sitting at my desk, but it’s definitely an awesome thing to have when I’m watching TV or playing on a console. It’s kind of short, so it will most likely only support your calves.

The RGB gaming chair is probably isn’t willing to go in your anyone’s heels. Well, it’s still good enough, in my opinion. The seat is relatively comfortable, not too soft, not too stiff, and I didn’t notice it particularly warm, but it is winter, and my opinion may change when the temperatures rise. You might see it is a kind of raised area in the middle. I’m going to refer to this as the RGB package; I’ve tried sitting in a few different positions, including legs crossed and making the number for whatever is called.

The RGB package is soft enough so that it never bothered me being a bucket seat. There are raised edges. There is a metal frame in there, but it’s sufficiently padded. Some of the sitting positions I mentioned earlier probably won’t be too comfortable unless you can fit your feet within the bucket, though. I find the lumbar pillow overall because it looks like straps on overalls a little too stiff out of the box but after a few weeks of use, it’s broken in nicely and complements the chair well, especially since without it is easy to slide your butt all the way back.

The chairs memory foam all along with the seat, but there’s an incline where the base meets the backrest. Not that it feels terrible, but because of the change in angle, the distribution of pressure is noticeably different, and I’m not sure if I like my butt stimulated in that way. The armrests are removable and composed of a dense kind of padding sporting a slight texture with excellent grooves making it pretty satisfying to the touch no comfort complaints there. Keeping the pillow on the mix is pretty much negligible.

The backrest also has these kinds of shoulder flaps. I was initially concerned that I would feel too much of the frame, but it’s pretty well padded and contours to my back nicely. The pillow for your head is a gift straight from the Greek gods; it’s a different kind of memory from the lumbar pillow, being a lot softer and way more satisfying to squish. My only complaint here is I wish I could bring it to my neck; the body of the chair and the length of the strap prevented her from going much lower.

On the topic of armrests, the release mechanisms and movements are a bit stiff, but that’s not a massive issue to me since I imagine it’ll be a set it and forget it kind of deal for the majority of people. The vertical adjustment triggers on the side, I think, would be better placed in the front so you can align your arm as you adjust it.

And finally, the LEDs the letting itself looks good though. I’m pretty well-lit room it does appear a little washed out looks excellent in the dark, and it’s only a bit of hot-spotting with a diffuser meets the chair, but here’s my issue with RGB on a seat you’ll never see it if you’re a streamer your audience will never see it which is going to make my next complaint sound odd because I sort of wish there was a better implementation of the leading on this software’s end all of the effects cycles through colors or pick colors at random with the exception of static and breathing. If I could pick one or 2 colors and apply some of the included effects to those or even better individually address the really lit LEDs. The only application where you find LEDs on a chair useful is if you bring your chair to a land party or if you’re on a show floor or if you have friends over and you want to impress them for 30 seconds, but that’s kind of the whole point RGB on a chair serves no functionality.

Additionally, a built-in battery would be nice, maybe included a power bank or something for the amount of these costs I think I’m entitled to it. The RGB gaming chair asking price on Amazon is 460 US dollars or about 400 if you can find it at Best Buy amazon and Walmart etc, and for that amount of cash, you are competing with the big boys literally like the DXRacer king series.

The DXRacer is more expansive, so there’s a bit more room to wiggle around, but I like the padding and support that RGB gaming chair provides way more.

Specification of RGB Gaming Chair

Back height: 36 inchSeat width: 16.5 inchSeat depth: 18.5 inchArmrest spacing: 17.3 to 19.3Armrest height: 5.6 to 8.4 inchSeat height: 21.0 to 24.8 inchBackrest angle: 90 degrees to 150 degreeWeight: 62lbss

How To Assemble RGB Gaming Chair

1) We will now start assembling the base to make sure to hear the click sound when you install each caster.

2) And now, install the seat post to the seat mechanism. Make sure the wording front is heading towards the front of the chair.

3) We would personally suggest that you install the screws diagonally to ensure an accurate position.

4) And now, for this step, make sure to put the base on the top of the seat mechanism and directly install the seat post to the seat mechanism.

5) Now located in position the backrest, you attach it to the seat.

6) Please make sure to have the seat bracket adjusted to the same angle as the right.

7) To provide you with a sturdy gaming chair, our design is different from others: the brackets being mounted inside the seat cushion, and please be noted to press it harder to have the brackets on the seat inserted properly to the backrest.

9) Now confirm that the backrest is attached to the seat for safety measures now. There is  two holes on each side of the backrest. Be informed that the 2 larger sized balls will be screwed WebMD to ever host us your first priority before the other 2 on the bottom.

10) And now the bottom ones. And to activate the arm height adjustment, simply press on to the nodes underneath the armrest to make it work, and now press on the knob next to the armrest to adjust the armrests to move.

11) And side by side right and left forwards and backward. Be informed to use the handles underneath the seat to adjust the gaming chair’s height, and you may press the handle that’s the seat to tilt the backrest.

12) As you can see here, the seatback can reclined at 150 degrees. Now please position the foot rescue the 2 openings underneath the seat.

13) Now don’t forget the 2 little balls at the bottom to keep your footrest at bay. To gain access to the footrest, simply poured out and flip over the pad. You can adjust and set up the RGB lighting effects by plugging the USB cable into your USB port on your PCs and laptops.

14) As you can see on their user’s interface, you will see a list of lighting effects on preview breathing. Wave. Neon. Blank. 7 color wave. Random light. Rotate. Static. Run 7 waves. And the cross.

15) The sites the different lighting effect you could also adjust the speed and the brightness on all selected effects so now once you’re all set with the lighting effects adjustment, you can now unplug the USB cable and reconnected to your power bank, so you don’t have to have the cable surrounded by your chair all the time.

16) Next, we will install the cushion by stretching the elastic straps over at the top of the backrest. As you can see, there’s a pocket on the back of the seat which you could store any kind of tool.


The chair itself is really comfortable, though, with a bucket-style seat, your expectations should be somewhat realistic depending on your sitting positions. I haven’t noticed any heat build-up under my butt. The RGB gaming chair wheel is not the RGB heel. They roll really smoothly on tile or would and their satisfaction on the carpet.

The steel base is said to hold up to 1200 kilograms or 2645 pounds. Suppose you’re that heavy a chair probably isn’t very high on your priority list, or maybe it’s the highest thing on a priority list. The chair’s advertised maximum load is 200 kilograms or about 440 pounds based on what I’ve experienced so far. In that case, I believe its overall build quality is excellent aside from the shipping damage unless them being egregiously nitpicky about small things like some slight fraying, and comfort is way up there. 460 US is a lot for our chair.

RGB gaming chair some models have lose the leg rest and the 4D armrests replacing them with 2D ones. Instead, you can find the E1 for about 270 Bucks and the and M1 for about 340 depending on where you look, so if you can live without the bells and whistles but not without the RGB, those would be an excellent place to start. Well, the RGB leaves a bit to be desired in terms of customization and number of zones. The RGB gaming chair really kills it everywhere else.

Notice the chair armrest has multiple levels of adjustability. You can look them up and down using the triggers on the sign. You can also slide them front to back or rotate them inwards or outwards, whatever feels best to you.