The Best Mesh Gaming Chair From Steelcase

Mesh gaming chair

Have you been searching for the perfect ergonomic chair, and you continue to see the Steelcase brand featured in many of the top lists? Did you know that steel case is actually one of the largest manufacturers of office seating in the world in this article?

We're going to show you the six most popular mesh gaming chair from Steelcase. Shopping for office chairs Budget Gaming Chair is your number 1 resource for everything office chairs.  

The Steelcase brand of office seating, and that is for good reason because this brand typically scores very highly when we review them for things like seat comfort back comfort in overall ergonomics of an office chair. Now, if you're in the market for a high-end office here, we definitely think that you should consider the Steelcase brand before we jump into this article.

Series 1 Steelcase Leap v2

steelcase series 1

Let's get into the list with the six most popular mesh gaming chair. The first journalist is a steel case series one chair, and this is the least expensive option on the list, starting at about $400. It is an excellent option as it does have a ton of ergonomic adjustments. One of those is the four-way adjustable arms set that is similar to that of the leap in the Amia chair. Now the downside is that it does feel a little bit more cheap or flimsy than that of the chairs like the leap v2 or the Amia option.

This isn't an excellent option for those users that are larger, as this is probably one of the smallest chairs on the list from Steelcase. The series one chair comes with a weight-activated recline mechanism. It does have a fully upright locked position, and then as you recline back in the chair, this will be based on the user's weight. There is an additional boost system, which is something that's actually relatively recent from the Steelcase series, which offers a 20 percent increase in tension required as you recline back in the chair now of all the mesh gaming chair from Steelcase in the list the series one is my least favorite option.

Series 2 Steelcase

steelcase series 2

The second option in the list is the steel case series to the chair. Now, if we compare that to the series one that we just looked at, it is a more substantial built in the series two, and I would actually think it's closer, in my opinion, to that of the amia chair the series one for about $550 you can get it configured with the fully upholstered backrest as you see here however that does not include the cost of the additional headrest on our chair that we've reviewed.

The weight-activated recline mechanism is precisely the same as that of the series one chair with an upright locked position, the weight-activated recline in a 20 percent boost option as well the headrest option that we added to the mesh gaming chair, something that I actually did really enjoy and the group as a whole enjoyed as well it's very similar to that of the head respond and the gesture which provides good support in all different positions of working and tasking now it also includes that four-way adjustable arm set the people absolutely love

this provides an excellent wide range of movement, and they are solid and consistent arm pads much more than the ones that we saw on the mesh gaming chair the overall well this is an excellent option for many people the thing that we didn't like about the series two chair was that we found that the seat pad was one of the most firms of all the chairs tested from Steelcase.

Think v2 Steelcase

think v2

This Steelcase think v2 chair one of the most aesthetically appealing chairs that we have brought in from this brand, and as it's set up in the article today with its height-adjustable lumbar mesh back in 4 way adjustable arm set, it retails for just over $800 now if we want to compare that to the series 2 which we just looked at it's a pretty sizeable jump in for the ergonomic adjustments alone it might not be worth the price now it does feature a four-way adjustable arm set it's very similar to that of the leap and the Amia with the only real difference being the actual shape of the arm pad.

The think v2 features an exposed live back technology in the mesh gaming chair that we have here again has a height-adjustable lumbar, which is superior to fine-tune that lumbar up and down on your back it does have a little bit more advanced tilt function mechanism than that of the series one of the series two chair.

So it has an upright locked position at a midway locked position, which is something that you won't find any other two, and then it also has just the typical weight-activated recline in the boost system, which gives you the 20 percent additional tension with the recline in this chair. Overall this is a very nice chair from mesh gaming chair is one of the most appealing if you're looking at the specs only, but at the price point of over $800, it might be a tough option to pick this over that of something like the Amia chair.

Steelcase Amia 


Steelcase Amir chairs one of my favorite options from the six that we've got listed here today. It is a chair that I actually spend about half of my time. When I'm not in the leafy too at about $700, it is almost $300 less than that of the leap v2 to so it's a great option if you're looking to spend less than the higher-end products from this brand and also features the widely popular four-way adjustable arm set that's found on the Steelcase may be to chair in my opinion the Amir does offer a little bit better support in the tailbone region than that of the two.

However, it is a more scaled-back mesh gaming chair we look specifically at things like the lumbar system not being quite as pronounced and not allowing you to get the depth adjustment that you would get on the v2 minute and then additionality the tilt lock mechanism that it's an upright locked position for a free reclining versus that of the five-way adjustment on the leap v2.

Steelcase Gesture

seteelcase gesture

The Steelcase gesture is the most expensive chair on our list, and as it's equipped in the article today with a height-adjustable lumbar, it does retail for around $1100. Another one of the things that really does stand out with this product compared to that of the rest of the list is the cantilever arm design that's unique to this particular chair. We have found that this is the most wide-ranging adjustable arm set that we tested on chairs and chairs in general.

All the functions that we really like and the gesture chair is it's intuitive seats lighter design simply rotating the knob on the side of the mesh gaming chair will allow you to adjust the depth of the seat well seated in the mesh gaming chair now couple drawbacks with this chair things that were noticed is that the seat pad itself is a bit more firm than that of the leap v2 or even the immediate share an additionally if you're looking for a very pronounced lumbar we didn't really find at the gesture offer great lower lumbar support.

Mesh Gaming Chair from Steelcase Leap v2  

steelcase leap v2

The last chair on the list is, of course, the leap v2 chair, and it is the flagship mesh gaming chair from the Steelcase brand now as it's a quick today with the four-way adjustable arm set and height-adjustable lumbar it retails for just around $1000. Now this four-way adjustable arm set on the leap is the original four-way adjustable arm at that you now find a mesh gaming chair like that of the Amia and the steel case series 2.

Something unique that you'll notice right away about the leap v2 chair is the seat and backrest contour. This is something that will naturally hugged the user, so depending on your preference may or may not be a good thing. This mesh gaming chair does rank at the top of the list for seat comfort about comfort and overall arm comfort for all of the scorings down in 2021, and if you're looking for a perfect lower lumbar support system, this is one of the most intuitive lumbar support that we have tested today.

Well, most users do love the seat comfort on the leap v2. It has been known to be a bit too thin for users who want a nice thick with padded seat. Additionally, if you're looking for a mesh gaming chair that you can easily rock back and forth in, this probably isn't going to be the best option out of the list.

 If you're searching for a widely adjustable ergonomic chair, there's a good chance that one of the 6 most popular Steelcase branded office chairs will be a good fit now that doesn't fit your budget, or are there certain things that maybe these chairs that we had listed a mist it really depends but if you want to find out more information on any of these chairs don't forget to check out the latest blog.