Best Homall Gaming Chair Reviews 2021

Here is my honest review of the Homall gaming chair; this is the cheapest gaming chair we've ever purchased and reviewed, and to be honest, I wasn't expecting much see how this chair performed how it compares to one of my favorite budget gaming chairs the GTRacing chair and most importantly whether you should consider getting it to let's go.

Homall gaming chair

Target Audience and size

The new gaming seat is promoted using a maximum capacity of 260 pounds; the truth is, nevertheless, the seat's dimensions and substances tell us the actual amount is approximately 200 pounds and the below 6 feet 2 very much like this GT racing chair. The width of Homall chair is 14.5 inches wide with all your side boosters, 20 inches. That is really on the small side. That's the reason why few anybody more than 200 pounds will likely be too wide to be more comfortable from the chair. Let us consider the seat height now that on the homall gaming chair force between 18-inches to 21.5 inches measured from the floor to the peak of the seat cushion

that the maximum seat height is quite tall taking into consideration the sized backrest though and I would say the perfect usage the top to the homall gaming chair is located between 5 feet 4 and 6 feet 2.

This gaming chair appears exceptional and trendy in your gaming room. Besides studying reading, and playing that this seat fits the requirements of individual tasks.

This rocking chair seat comes combined with two pairs of smooth-rolling caster wheels; thus, you're able to easily and gently glide on several different surfaces at a 360degree angle;

the soft in high-density cushion seats and high back of this chair offers a comfortable sitting spot for users Additionally you can recline the back seat by the 90 into the 160-degree angle the seat also includes a durable steel framework to support 300lbs of weight to height-adjustable seat includes a gas spring cylinder mechanism to provide hassle-free seat elevation.

Features and Adjustment

Even the homall is a budget gaming chair after so that his features are absolutely basic. The backrest reclines and tilts the armrests are fixed.

Like many gaming chairs, you'll be able to tilt the backrest to create excellent movements to return in time to time, pushing at the lever disables rocking on the homall. 

You could even bend the backrest as much as approximately 155 degrees at the maximum recline angle note, which you're able to keep on to rock the backrests still another 20 degrees straight back if you wish.

While that is significantly less than this around the GT racing chair, speaking is more than enough for me personally to kick up my feet on the desk and also take a quick nap.

One thing which you wish to listen to all of the armrests on the homall that, in fact, and fixed and non-adjustable. This usually means that the only way to move the armrest up is to increase this chair's height. Is this a deal-breaker?

It depends if you depend upon the chair armrest mainly to rest your arms during breaks appearing at your mobile or inside a recline position, then your height of this armrest doesn't necessarily matter? 

For me, repaired armrests aren't a concern since I usually rest my arms on the desk anyway when I work. But if you use a chair armrest as you are working, like studying or writing afterward, I would recommend opting for an alternative seat with flexible armrests that can be brought into the death surface level without messing around with all the seat height.

Chair Comfort

In the comfort zone, the homall gaming chair surprised me, and in a good way. The seat cushion was much easier than I'd expected. It's approximately 4 inches thick and uses high-density foam, which is going to endure with time a lot better than on the GT racing seat.

The amount of padding on the backrest is particularly impressive, and I'd say double that compared to the GTRacing chair. Together with a decent Collection of the Outside pillow and Also the whole milking chair Has a thumbs up from me at the Subject of Relaxation Provided You Have an average size person Which is in Case you Are less than 200 pounds and under 6 Feet 2.

Build Quality

At around $120 on sale, you know some sacrifices had to be made regarding the material used on the homall gaming chair; still, this seat's general quality exceeded my expectations for this budget chair. Structurally the chair seems pretty sturdy. It's at the level of the GTRacing chair in this regard. 

The foam padding is denser and may outlast that's found on the GT racing chair; having said that, two things remind me that this is still very much a budget gaming chair.

First is the plastic set flexible base, and the second is the average class 3 gas support versus the class 4 support gained even on the GT racing chair; each wheel can apparently help up to 300 pounds of load, but these are just two more reasons why am only recommending the whole meal gaming chair for somebody under 200 pounds.

Should I get this chair?

Okay, so here's the bottom line for the price you're paying is probably hard to do better than the HOMALL gaining share. Having said that, this is a chair for everyone due to its mentions the materials used.

I think if you weigh over 200 lbs. well short of 6 feet two, I don't work with a chair's armrests that even when studying or gaming. You can save yourself a lot of money and still be happy, but the homall gaming chair for other people I'd recommend a slightly more expensive

GTRacing chair for better arms adjustability and the much pricier and the dark sea demon if you're a bigger person.

Specification of homall gaming chair

Model: T-OCRC0082
Brand: Homall
Type: Chair
Primary Color: Black
Material: PU Leather
Accent Color: White
Adjustable Degree: Tilt: 90-180 degree
Frame Construction: Steel
Swivel: 360 Degree
Wheels: 5
Ergonomic: Yes
Max Weight Supported: 300.00lbs.
Back height: 30.30"
Shoulder width: 22.50"
Seat width: 19.80"

Pros And Cons


Let's take this end of the way firstly: the price is best. You usually have to pay a hefty amount of cash to get your palms on an ergonomic gaming chair that seems similar to this one.

Everything you should be watching for in a homall gaming chair is flexible comfort before any other. Whether that's due to running 8 hours continuous or gaming 8 hours exact, you require your body to feel as good and comfortable as possible.

The homall gaming chair instantly solves this. Notwithstanding its cheap value, it's an honestly well-sized chair that may also be too large for regular people. The material is in excellent condition and controls to wait securely in position as your body pacifies down into its tender embrace.

It is not the lightest either most strong homall gaming chair out there, but you know a lot for your cash in the flexible department.

The leather of the homall gaming chair is also spill-resistant, which is a huge plus point. It's much simple to wash, and it doesn't stain very quickly either.

The load capability of the homall gaming chair is firm, managing up to 300 pounds. Many gaming chairs taking over $200 are too few weights to match that.

The wheels seem a few slight, but they are beautifully silent over many covers, including hardwood carpets and mats.

This chair can tilt back rather far. You could use it to rest and decompress with some song or a book and stop there for moments on end and have no end fatigue.

The chair is also much simple to construct and only gets around 15-minutes to finish. This allows for the most incredible gaming chairs at the market, but it's regularly helpful to have easy commands and exact parts to piece collectively.


One of the issues that disturbed me was the loss of color choices. The official blue looks excellent and fits in with many various studio set-ups. Unluckily, related to other more famous brands like Clutch gaming chair, there are many attractive options. Blue, white, and red are all you get for this series.

The armrests, comfy as they are, are not flexible at all. That is remarkable, considering that this seat itself can be reoriented at many various points. We can't believe how this feature would have been extremely costly or too difficult to fix, so this is an oversight on the homall part.

As declared previously, this is a sturdy chair for its price. It's not too large, but it is a little tall for some people, and sadly, Homall only allows one size for all. If you're over 5 feet 8 inches or so, then you shouldn't own trouble. Still, you find the Homall Gaming Chair to be small too significantly if you are less usual.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q1) Is Homall Gaming Chair good?

Homall offers one of the biggest marketing affordable gaming chairs in the community. Homall chairs are comfortable, friendly, and affordable. Amazon reviews wander about the luxury, style, too support of their flagship product. People looking for a fixed budget rated gaming chair should get a close expression at the homall gaming chair product line.

Q2) Are gaming chairs better than ergonomic chairs?

Dashing style gaming chairs reach out with a big end racing-style design and easy-to-use characteristics. You can arrange the support pillows, the backrest, the armrests, and the chair on pro models. The bottom position is that any great developed ergonomic chair is hugely more significant than an office chair for complete-time desk work.

Q3) What are the advantages of a gaming chair?

A good gaming PC chair suits your posture, including body size, and permits you to sit each of them ergonomically and comfortably. To be more specific, it provides a greater blood movement to your lower body (hello healthy virility) and decreases your bones and muscles, particularly in your deeper back and neck area.

Q4 Is gaming chair worth it?

Gaming chairs are worth the expense for the person who consumes large hours relaxing at a computer. Gaming chairs discuss poor sitting habits also show you how to rest with true posture. Sitting in a gaming chair is remarkably flexible while also doing ideal for you.

Q5 Do you really need a gaming chair?

Sitting in a gaming chair would support your body to improve healthful posture. If you only sit several times per day, a cheap gaming chair will give you the ergonomics you require. Those who rest full-time would be greater off spending in an expert gaming chair.


The Homall Gaming Chair is an excellent option for those who require a chair on a budget externally negotiating on the quality, comfort, or help. This Homall Gaming Chair advice shows that Homall offers decent chairs for low costs. Those are excellent gaming chairs for freshmen, awards for others, or also as a test case.

Have in your brain that you understand what you spend for and also high-class quality gaming chairs price higher than $300: certain offers unique features and extraordinary stability.

While Homall chairs offer similar features, their strength is far back. Over time certain chairs will degrade quicker than high models.

Homall Gaming Chair give excellent worth for money. If your resources are low, you need to gain the gaming chair experience, but this chairs will better work.

A good buy if you meet the below:

Weigh < 200lbs

Height: 5 feet 4inch to 6 feet to 2 inch

Don't use the armrest when typing/gaming.