Best Haworth Fern Office Chair Review 2021


Are you searching for information on the Hayworth fern but you're not finding exactly what you're looking for you're in luck in this guide I'm going to go over everything you need to know about the Hayworth fern. I have for you a review on 1 of the most asked about an anticipated chairs since we reviewed the Herman Miller cosm.

History Haworth Fern 

We've got the Hayworth fern. We're going to go over a ton of stuff here on this for you today. Haworth is 1 of the largest furniture brands in the world, doing over 2 billion annually in sales. There is actually a family-owned business been around since 1948. Still, they do make just about everything that you could think of in the office furniture world. For a long time, their flagship chair has been the Zody chair. Still, recently they released a fern, and this is now their new highest and ergonomic chair with a ton of new features and a lot of good things to offer, so let's jump into it and cover what we found out when using the fern chair.

Price Haworth Fern

So the first thing that will touch on is just the price of the chair there's be varying prices. It's kind of difficult to nail down one specific price just because there's not a ton of options out there in terms of buying the furniture. You can buy it directly from here without comment.

Then there are a couple of additional websites that you can buy from the chair that we bought here as configured. We paid $1091 for that was before any discounting on the chair now. If you go to a Haworth website, you can find a few variations of this chair, with the price ranging somewhere between 800 and $1100 depending on which options you choose to go with.

Return Policy

So in terms of a compatible price we're looking at a price range compatible to that of the leap the gesture other high-end chairs by high-end brands Haworth fern does offer an excellent return policy if you choose to buy it directly through them you'll have 30 days to try the chair if you don't like it they will pick it up. They'll pay for the return shipping while giving you a full refund. If you choose to buy it through an authorized dealer, I will make sure to contact them beforehand so you understand what the return policy is because a lot of times, it's not the same as

So be conscious of that when we look at the warranty, you do get 12 years of coverage on the furniture a very compatible warranty to the other leaders in the industry like Herman Miller like steel case it's warranted for 24/7 use and up to 325 pounds.

One thing that I did find out about the warranty that was a little bit disappointing is that the fabric on the chair is actually only covered for 3 years now. This is quite a bit less than the other industry leaders because Herman Miller noel Steelcase they're gone be covering that fabric for 12 years on most of the stuff they offer, and a lot of lower-end brands will often have 5 years of coverage on their fabric.

Shipping & Assembly

When looking at the shipping and assembly on the Haworth Fern chair, this is going to be a product that arrives at your location fully assembled, so you don't need to spend any time putting the chair together simply on packages take it out of the box and you ready to start working.

Now because it arrives fully assembled, it does come in a large box. It does come on the back of an LTL or a freight truck, so be prepared to unload the truck. The box from the back of a truck it does arrive on a pallet. It is a somewhat heavy chair. You might want to have 2 people on hand to help you or some type of Dolly to move it around to the location where you're ultimately going to unbox it.

Build Quality Haworth Fern

The next thing that we're going to take a look at on the Fern chair is to be the overall build quality now. This is a very high-end chair. It tested very well in our build quality category within 90 out of 100, which is going to put it near the very top for all of the chairs that we have tested it with put a ton of time into the design and development of this chair it came out of the Haworth design institute in partnership with ITO designs like I said a lot of time.

They ended up with the final product that we see here today. It incorporates a lot of unique technology reminds me of the Herman Miller embody because it is so unique. When I personally look at the chair, the value to the chair sat in the chair and used the chair it does feel like a very well built product.

Everything functions smoothly everything is very clean looking you can put this in almost any office environment whether its modern or a little older design it's going to fit in it's a very attractive chair so overall definitely one of the most excellent looking and highest quality officers that we've had through our office at

Seat Comfort

Now we're going to take a look at the seat comfort on the Haworth Fern chair. This chair actually scored a 77 out of 100 in our testing. The way that we do our comfort testing, as we allow everyone to sit in the chair and then scored from 0 to 100, we average out those scores to get our final number 77, is going to be a pretty good score. The lowest score was 65. We had 4 scores over 80, so this is overall going to be a very consistently comfortable seat for most people that are going to get the furniture.

The design of the seat itself is going to be large spacious it does not have any hard edges, and it does have a lovely waterfall front edge because this chair is so spacious and doesn't limit you with its frame or the edge.

You can sit in a variety of positions, including those of you that like to sit cross-legged in your office chair. Haworth fern does make quite a bit of effort to advertise their flexible front seat edge, but I did not find it to be quite as flexible as their advertising would make it out to be. It does move some, but I would not consider it flexible as some other chairs like the null regeneration. Or the Steelcase leap chair, even the Herman Miller embody quite a bit more flexibility than what I found with the Haworth fern Chair.

The seat has about 3 inches of foam, but it will be more of a firm sitting experience. It definitely looks thick, and it looks like you might sink into the cushion, but you're not going to sink into it like a plush chair. This is going to be designed to be a more firm set which is what we see on a most high-end ergonomic office chair.

So if you're looking for a more plush design, I probably wouldn't recommend the furniture, if you are a fan of a more firm said, and you need a high-end organ on a chair in the firm might be an excellent choice for you.

Backrest Comfort

The next thing was to take a look at is going to meet the back comfort on the Haworth fern. This is another category that we score like the seat comfort taking an average of the people in our office in this chair ended up scoring a 68 out of 100 for back comfort now I will say that the score is a little bit deceptively low just because there are 2 very low scores. They're 2 of the ladies in the office did not like the backrest on the furniture.

A little bit too aggressive for their posture in their preferences which kind of brought the score down quite a bit, but we did have 3 people that scored over 80. Most of the people supported over 70, so I would say that overall, for most people, this is going to be a pretty comfortable backrest, and this is going to be maybe the unique backrest design that I've ever seen on any office chair.

Layer Haworth Fern

It was designed with 4 different specific layers in the back. It's designed to be like a Haworth plant which is where the name of the chair comes from, so when we look at the chair, the first layer is going to be what we call the stem, and that's going to be the middle component of the chair kind of the area that goes down the middle on your spine and then.

The next thing that is going to connect to the stand is going to be the fronds, and these are going to be like the leaves on the fern chair. These are to be the parts that extend outwards and support the sides of your back, going up and down the full length of your back.

Now both of these components are going to be held in place by Haworth calls the cradle, and this is going to be a flexible system that holds the fronds under tension to provide proper support to you throughout the day. Now all 3 of these are then wrapped in a 3D outer layer. It is going to be soft and flexible for you to lean on, so this really creates a very unique feeling when you're in the chair because you can feel these sub-layers. Still, you can also feel almost like you're suspended. The backrest can move and shift and flex with you more so than almost any backers that I've used. It reminds me of the Herman Miller Embody Chair in the amount of movement that allows.

So if you're looking for a backrest it allows you to shift and move and stretch and flex throughout the day, then this is going to be an excellent choice for you. I'm also a fan of the overall shape of the backrest. It has a tall design that kept me supported all the way from my lower back up through my upper back and shoulders, which is not something that we find on all high-end chairs.

It also has a very nice natural curve which does provide good lumbar support. You can choose to go with a height-adjustable lumbar system which is chaired does have here. I want to comment and say that the lumber system on the firm will be pretty pronounced as one of the most aggressive lumbar support systems that we've seen on an office chair.

For my personal preference, this is not the type of lumbar support that I prefer because I typically look for chairs that have a little bit of lumbar support and nice natural curves, but this was a popular set up for a lot of people in our office, so I would recommend this definitely for people that are looking for a chair that has good lumbar support one thing that is lacking with the lumbar support design that you cannot control the depth or how pronounced it is you can only control the height hence if you're someone like me. It does not like a ton of support, and then you might want to steer away from that option on this chair.