5 Best Ergonomic Office Chair Reviews 2021

You have been looking for that perfect ergonomic office chair but are concerned with buying something sight unseen. We will be taking a closer look at the eight best chairs based on ergonomic office chair adjustments. We feel we are most important in customizing your chairs fit. Needed a new office chair? Budget Gaming Chair is your source for everything.

Before we jump into the list for the eighth-best ergonomic office chair for 2021, I want to take a closer look at the ten ergonomic adjustments you must consider before buying your next chair. All a chairs in this list were scored based on these adjustments. The first ergonomic office chair adjustment we look at is the height adjustment, which moves the seat up and down see depth judgment allows the seat and move in and out for shorter or longer legs.

Back height adjustment allows the back to move up and down for shorter or taller users the armrest that we score have 4 different specific adjustments first is the height that moves the armrest up and down next, we look at depth adjustment on the arm pads, which move them forward and backward there's also an option for width adjustment which brings them in error out wider and then lastly there's a pivot function which will give it the pads in order out.’

 We're looking for 2 different movements up and down for lumbar adjustment, and depth adjustment in an out tilt lock is available on most office chairs, with the upright position being the most common. There are also tilted positions in the recline where will score based on the amount of locks available. Infinite positioning the best of all, getting the most points lastly. We look at additional ergonomic office chair adjustments, things like forwarding seat tilt and headrests he's a thing are less commonly found on chairs, but we do score these as well.

Over 1500 hours testing 34 of what we believe are the best office chairs available in that testing, we've looked at 4 different categories to narrow down what is the best ergonomic office chair. 3 of these scores are related to the comfort we have seat comfort back comfort in arm comfort, and then finally, we scored the overall ergonomic adjustments of a chair, with such extensive testing with confidence that we found the best ergonomic chairs.

Ergohuman Ergonomic Office Chair

ergohuman scale

At number 8, we have the ergohuman ergonomic office chair any 7 ERG, with a score of 78 out of 100. This chair features most of the ergonomic adjustments you would want in an ergonomic office chair, things like a sliding seat back height adjustment and 3 D. armrests. One of the things that stands out about the go human share is its pronounced lower lumbar support system, which provides excellent support even when you're slightly for tasking and typing on your keyboard.

If you want to chair with the even more pronounced lumbar we had, we recommend looking at the LE9 ERG, which is the same chair in leather? Another additional feature that it has is the headrest function. It is not just a headrest. It really cradles the neck and head and when you're leaning forward in doing casting, it stays out of the way, which is nice because it won't be a problem.

Amia Ergonomic Office Chair

amia chair

At number 7, we have a very on amia office chair, which scored an 85 out of 100. This is the least impressive churned list, which actually ends up being a really good thing because it just over $400 includes every ergonomic adjustment that we look for, with the exception of back height adjustment.

Some of those include for weight arms seat depth adjustment and adjustable lumbar support system. There's also the option to add a headrest to the cure chair. If you're looking for good seat comfort, it ranked number one and tied the Steelcase leap.

We have the Steelcase amia chair with a score of. 81.8 now this is probably the most well-rounded chair from Steelcase the features most ergonomic adjustments one would want for under $1000 when the big differences here between that and the high-end chair the elite  v2 from Steelcase is the fact that the cushions on the amia are a bit more flat than that of the contour that you find in the leap v2.  It is very similar though is the armrest the 4-way adjustable arm said on the miniature is exactly the same as that of the leap and the Steelcase series 2 chair.

The thing that I noticed when testing the image here myself is that the seat pad itself, specifically where the tailbone goes, does feel like it's a bit deeper than that of the leafy too now. It's not necessarily a fixie pad, but it does offer a little bit more support there, something you might want to consider if you're looking for good lower lumbar support. It doesn't have quite a pronounced lower lumbar support system as the leap v2 to end isn't entirely as adjustable as well.

If you're looking for a multi-position till amia chair will be a great option as it only has a fully upright locked position and then freely reclining position option available you want to headrest. Unfortunately, it's not available in the retail store from Steelcase.com; however, I do believe it's something that you can purchase from contract furniture dealers on special order.

CXO Nightingale


At number 6, we have the nightingale CXO chair, which scored 88 out of 100 times the human scale freedom. It provides a friendly traditional alternative to the freedom chair building candidate comes with a high level of build quality as well because its court 88 of 100 has almost all the ergonomic office chair adjustments that are important, but some of the ones that really stood out to us where the height and depth adjustable lumbar support.

The optional headrest that can be added in the field, so if you buy the chair and decide later that you want to, it's one of the few chairs you can easily add the headrests two ends or foam that's in the seat pad is super unique. Still, it really provides an excellent option for those looking for a better way to distribute their weight throughout the seat pad, helping to reduce pressure points.

We have the nightingale CXO chair with a score of 76.4. This nightingale product is our top chair for seat comfort in 2021 in the thickly padded seat features and enerzorb or memory foam, which is unique to this seating line. Now, if you like a thick padded seat, this does out probably [censored] the best support for all the chairs that we tested. Still, again, with anything padded seats, you do need to consider the fact that this might not be great for all users, so consider this before you actually decide if this is the right product for you.

As chair does feature all the ergonomic functions that one would want in an ergonomic chair that is high and with the exception being a height-adjustable backrest well, the optional headrest on the CXO chair is height adjustable. It's still not an excellent option for most users that are over 6 feet tall. Additionally the armrest we did find that the arm pads themselves we're a bit firm, which is why it scored in the lower sixties for overall armrest comfort

Freedom Humanscale


At number 5, we have the human scale freedom chair with a headrest scoring an 88 out of 100. Don't let the simple design of the freedom chair for you. This is a highly adjustable ergonomic office chair. Suppose you're looking for something with a weight-activated recline mechanism. In that case, the freedom is the best in the business allow you to easily lock upright or anywhere between to a full recline without the use of knobs or levers.

Our chair includes their optional headrest, which is excellent for those who like to work in a reclined position allowing the eyes to focus on the screen in an ergonomic office chair honestly correct position. This chair also has an adjustable lumbar support system that moves up and down the backrest to really fine-tune fit you properly. What I loved about it was the ability for to hit and carry with you throughout the day.

Eurotech office chair


At number 4, we have the Eurotech ergonomic office chair, which scored is 89 out of 100. At first glance in this chair, you can tell it has a very similar design to the herbal human series also from Eurotech. precisely when we look at the lower lumbar support, but for those who might not like the look of the human series,

I believe that the IOO chair is a little bit more aesthetically pleasing on the eye a couple of things that it does better than the ergo humans are going to be the 4-dimensional armrest compared to a three dimensional other human series and then the backrest height adjustment is a little bit easier to access well seated in the chair.

One other thing to consider if you like the lumbar support an Ergo human chair, you'll get a very similar feel, so when you're sitting in the upright position typing or tasking, you still have excellent lower support in the Eurotech ergonomic chair.

Let's get into the list, and at number 11, we've got the Eurotech Vera chair with a score of 72.4. Eurotech Vera is an excellent option for under $400. This chair features most of the ergonomic adjustments you would want in an ergonomic chair. The only real exception is that it doesn't include a height-adjustable backrest for an adjustable lumbar support system.

Now the natural curve in the backrest is 1 of the reasons why this chair scored highly for backrest comfort. It also scored really well for its seat comfort for overall comfort. This is a great option. The Eurotech very chair does come with an optional headrest, but the downside with this headrest is that it doesn't have a height adjustment function to fit a wide range of different height users.

At number 10, we have to be taught a cure chair, which scored a 74 now this chair features most of the ergonomic adjustments that you would want in an ergonomic chair it also has 1 of the most prominent seat pads on the list now this can be a good thing if you're someone who likes the nice thickly padded seat. Still, if you're someone who wants a little bit thinner there for a bit firmer seat, this might not be the best option. It also includes an adjustable lumbar support system that has height adjustment and a headrest option in 2 different upholstery.

The first is it all mash upholstery and the second with the vinyl covering this mesh headrests and vinyl headrest do you have a height adjustment function too they are superior to fit a wider range of users they also have a superior prohibiting function which is comfortable as you reply back in the chair. If you are a smaller user, this might not be an excellent fit for you because it is an overall larger chair, especially when considered to most of compared excuse me to most of the other chairs in the list.

Truly Office Chair


At number 3, we have the truly chair by office master, which came with a score of 89 out of 100. This is the highest-ranking chair list to be featured for under $600. It's highly customizable surreal to really pick and choose how the chair looks. What adjustments come with it? As we can figure it today, it is the only chair in the list of future all 9 standard ergonomic chair adjustments were things.

It's unique about it compared to the others in the list is the poly back design, which provides flexibility for not only your lumbar support movement throughout the day. If you're looking for a chair with back height adjustment, it comes standard on the true the chair.

Steelcase Ergonomic Office Chair

steecase gesture

At number 2, we have the Steelcase ergonomic chair, which came with a score of 89 out of 100, and it only ran behind the leap chair from Steelcase because of its tilt lock mechanism offering fewer locked positions.

This chair includes almost all the ergonomic adjustments one could walk on a new chair. Still, some of the ones that really stood out to us first with widely adjustable arms they had the biggest Secondly, they had a seat slider function that was super unique in that as you rotate the knob, it was making an adjustment to the depth of the seat which can be done well seated in the chair.

We have the Steelcase series to chair with a score of 76.9. This is the first of 5 Steelcase chairs to be featured in our 2021 list is actually the least expensive pop all the Steelcase chairs on the list. It sure does feature most of the ergonomic functions one would want in a high and ergonomic chair, including an optional headrest. Its headrest is actually one that we prefer over the most elevated and Steelcase chair we've reviewed, which is the leap v2, as I feel a bit better when you mean back in the chair is a quiet push you as forward as we've noticed with the lead to the alternative headrest.

Additionally, it does come with a four-way adjustable arm set. We absolutely love the Steelcase chairs, which is very similar to that of the leap chair and the EMEA. Unfortunately, there were a couple of downsizing with this series of two chairs. The first one is that it doesn't have a multi-positional tilt lock. It does have a weight-activated system, so if you're looking to have multi-position to lock as you recline back in the chair, not a great option, and additionally, it didn't score great for the seat comfort as it was the most firm seat that we just tested for the Steelcase series.

We have the Steelcase gesture chair with a score of 83.7 at. This chair has found itself at this position in a list for the last three years. It is one of the most comfortable chairs that we've tested overall, with a score of 80 for all three comfort areas. Now, if you're someone who wants widely adjustable arms, you really can't beat the jester product with its cantilever arm design. It is one of the most unique and widely adjustable armrests there we have tested to date.

The Steelcase gesture includes most of the ergonomic functions one would want from on high and ergonomic chair, including an adjustable headrest that is optional now if you want to have a nice, thickly padded seat. This chair did score highly for seat comfort, but it does it a bit more firm than that of like the lead or even the amia chair. Additionally if you're wanting to have a nice pronounced lumbar, the gesture product doesn't quite feel quite as pronounced or is adjustable as that of the lead chair.

Steelcase leap Ergonomic Office Chair

steelcase leap v2

Number one, we have the Steelcase leap chair, which came with a score of 90 out of 100. The first thing we really want to take a closer look at the wide-ranging adjustable arms. This is the four-dimensional arm said it doesn't come standard is an upcharge, but we really highly recommend them.

And they were the most wide-ranging arms we've tested besides the Steelcase gesture chair. Another thing we loved about the features in this particular model was the live back technology, which really promotes movement throughout the day and allows you to sort of move with the flexible backrest.

The lumbar support is unique in that it offers a tension adjustment to the lower portion and then a height adjustment to really fine-tune where you feel that support and lastly, in the seat pan, the front thirties flexible, which reduce the pressure on the backs of your legs and really again provides more movement throughout the day.

That completes our list for the eighth-best ergonomic chair for 2021. Whether you're looking to buy a chair sight unseen or maybe you need something to fit multiple users, really keying in on the ten most important ergonomic adjustments will help you to customize your new chairs.

Overall in the Steelcase leap v2 chair with a score of eighty-five point two now this really is the pinnacle of all ergonomic chairs and is a workhorse from Steelcase brand, which continues to dominate almost all of our list when looking at office chairs featuring most of the ergonomic adjustments one would want an ergonomic chair. This is the best product for most people. It also includes one of the most intuitive lumbar support systems that we've tested today, no well, and it doesn't have as adjustable arms as the gesture chair.

We do find that the four-way adjustable arm set on the Steelcase leap is good enough for most people now. If you’re someone who likes to have a nice thick seat pad, one of the few complaints that we've got from this chair is that that seat pad does feel a bit thin.

Lastly, if you're looking for a chair with a headrest, this does have an optional headrest. No, it's not something that I necessarily recommend for everyone because what I noticed when I use the chairs when you're just sitting actually in the chair does feel like it for almost pushes you forward a little bit, so if you're a bright tasking may be a good option or fearful recline mode you might like that as well.

Finding that perfect ergonomic chair doesn't have to be a crazy task if you use or leverage all of the extensive testing's that we've done here budget gaming chair dot com you should be able to fast track the process now, maybe the eleven chairs that we featured in this list are for you of course there for different things. We really look at when scoring these chairs, and some of those things may or may not be important to you, so it's important that you actually go deeper, diving in the chair to find which one is best for your specific needs.

Herman Miller Sayl 

herman miller syal

We have the Herman Miller sale chair with a score of 74.8. Now, this is the only Herman Miller chair to make our list for 2021, but it is the least expensive option that we have tested currently from the Herman Miller line of products.

This product does come with most of the ergonomic functions that you would want, with the only real exception being it doesn't include a height-adjustable backrest if you're someone who likes to the headrest. This is really not a standard feature actually feature that you find in any of the her Miller products, which I've talked pretty extensively about. The backrest on the sale chair is very unique with the unframed sort of y3D design.

 That's mirrored after the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. This design was actually very supportive. I found it to be pretty comfortable when I sat in the chair myself, allowing you to really feel that lower lumbar support system it was featured in the sale chair that we picked out from Herman Miller.

Haworth Fern

haworth office chair

At number 8, we have the Hayworth furniture with a score of 75.5. Now, this is Hayward's flagship product. It's their top of the line ergonomic chair that features most of the ergonomic functions that you would want in a high-end chair. Now, this is a customizable chair so depending on what you select is really what you get with it.

The seat pad on the chair was a thinner seat pad, but most did find it to be very comfortable. One thing that was nice about the he works here that I really like is it had an armrest design that was very similar to that of the Steelcase product with the four-way adjustable arm pad that was wide-ranging now even though it was similar to the Steelcase leap v2 it did feel a little bit more flimsy. It wasn't quite as reliable as steel cases, very popular 4-way adjustable armrests.

Additionally, the headrest on the chair is a superior function, but we did find it to be a little bit firm with the padding for your head when you lean back in the chair.

OM Seating Yes Chair

We have the OM seating yes here with a score of 77, and this is a workhorse product from the and OM seating brand. It scored 91 out of 100 ergonomic adjustments, which puts it at the top of the list of all the chairs, and we scored when looking at just the ergonomic functions alone on the chair we someone wants an adjustable height backrest this is the only chair and list of features that function.

If you're looking for a nice comfortable seat pad, the one yes here did rank near the top of the list with a score close to 80. Unfortunately, our rest pads were a little bit firm, so if you're looking for something to kind of sink into the yes might not be a great option. It is one of the most customizable chairs on the list, and there are some other options for arm pads. You may want to look at those for alternatives.

Steelcase Think v2

think v2

At number 4, we have the steel case think v2 chair with a score of 77.5 now. At the same time, at first glance, this does look like one of the most simple designs from Steelcase. It is still a high-end share of you looking for something with a multi-positional tilt lock. The think v2 the chair might not be a great option as it does come standard with the weight-activated mechanism system, which will function basically off the user's weight.

It features a boost system, which will allow an additional 20 percent tension as you're in recline mode. It does have a midway and a full upright locked position as well, so it does offer some adjustment there. One of the unique functions of this chair is the backrest design with its live back technology. You can see that it is different than many of the chairs that we've tested from Steelcase, especially since it's exposed. You can see it does also have a height-adjustable lumbar support system to sort of fine-tuning where you get most of your support and your back.