Benefits of Using Instagram Highlights

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Instagram is a widespread social media. People from all over the world are a part of this social media platform. The main reason behind that is its easy access.  Also, with each update, it is bringing new things that get into the eyes of the users instantly.

One such update was stories. When My story came into the scene, folks were skeptical initially. But, in no time, it became a crucial part of our Instagram world. With the immense use of the same, it has seen many more updates, like the add song feature, GIFs, filters, and many more. 

But, the only thing that it lacked was that it used to be visible in the feed for 24 hours only. With the next update, Instagram highlights got introduced and it covered this aspect as well.

What is an Instagram highlight?


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The Instagram highlight is a feature on the app where you can keep your stories in your feed for as long as you want.

You can also divide them into sections and keep them in different ones. It will appear just below the bio of your profile. Also, not all your stories need to go to highlights. You can make your choice there and add and delete according to your convenience. You also have the provision of renaming them.


5 Top Benefits of Using Instagram Highlights

Instagram highlights have turned out great for its user. Also, has given a lot of benefits to its users.

Let us talk about them in detail. 

  • Longevity
  • First Impression
  • Clutter Elimination
  • Easy Navigation
  • Enhances Engagement

1. Longevity


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The only shortcoming of Instagram stories is that they will not be visible after 24 hours. It will be in your archive and you can revisit but not your audience. In that scenario, the Instagram highlight has got you covered. You can keep your content there as long as you want.

You can divide them into sections. Also, if you care for Instagram aesthetics, you can add a good cover and name to your highlights. Moreover, if you are a business or a content creator on Instagram, this feature is GOLD for you. You can keep all your requisites here for the long term. Also, businesses often have highlights like reviews to bring it to the eye of everyone that bumps into your feed.

2. First Impression

first imp

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One more thing about Instagram highlights that make it beneficial is its placing. It is placed just below the bio, so it is your first impression for somebody trying to access your profile. So, keeping it organized can make them tap on that to see what you have been up to.

For starters, let us talk about business. Stories for businesses is a place where they post BTS, reviews, final products, and relevant things. So, you can make the highlight of each of them for users’ easy access. That way they can make mental notes of how your past work turned out and if you are a good fit. The highlight is an easy way of promotion. Give it good thought so that you do not misuse it. Also, it can change the impression of your entire feed, so clumsiness in this regard needs to be avoided at all costs. 


3. Clutter Elimination


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If not for stories, you had to keep posting everything on your feed. Not that it is a bad thing, but such regular posts will make it look cluttered.  Also, there are a few things that are important for your creation but will make not much sense on the feed. That goes in the story.

But, the shortcoming of stories disappearing after 24 hours was a big issue, until highlights came into the scene. A highlight is a place for all types of content. Also, no number of content can make it look cluttered as you can categorize them. Just make your highlights look captivating. Match the tone of all of them. Use good graphics. 


4. Easy Navigation


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Another benefit of highlights that you will get after categorizing them is easy navigation. When a user drops on your profile, most of the time they come with an intention. They are in a search of something particular. For example, if you are a small business they can come to you in search of a certain product. 

Now searching for the same on posts can be havoc. So, you can easily swipe to the same on highlights. For new users, searching for comments on posts can be replaced by tapping on the reviews section on the highlights.

It can get fun for users to navigate within the stories and that will enhance their interest in your profile or your content.

4. Enhances Engagement


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When you use Instagram highlights to keep the stories of interest intact in your profile, it gives detailed and easy access to the folks when they visit your profile. If you maintain the aesthetics and keep it organized, they will like to explore. With the highlights and the posts, you are giving them the space.

In addition to that, stories are usually the place where we post the insights or the daily things whereas posts are mostly the outcomes.  So, naturally, enough stories give a better and more unfiltered idea of who are. This will lead to enhance engagement in the profile. Also, you can resort to buying likes on MegaFamous for the initial engagement.

Wrapping up

Your content is the resemblance of who you are, but how you represent the same has a big role to play. On Instagram, success has never been only about good content. A lot of other factors including how you deal with algorithms and how you catch the eyes of the users come into play.

Instagram works in your favor by bringing new updates in all its main sections. Properly utilizing the same comes under your role. The exact factor goes for highlights as well. We have given you the reason why you should work on this aspect. Now it is on you to make the most out of it.