Baby Jean Doe’s mother was arrested in 1985 in a cold case.

The mother of a newborn baby girl who died in a mine explosion in 1985 has been arrested and charged with manslaughter in connection with a cold.

Lee Ann Diegel, 58, was apprehended by Maine State Police outside her home in Louisville, Massachusetts, on Monday, ending a 36-year-old mystery.

State police say the case began with the discovery of the body of Diegel’s baby boy by a dog who dragged “Baby Jean Doe’s” body about 700 feet to the dog’s owner’s home in Maine, Frenchville. Delivered

“She kept knocking on the door to get back in,” said Armand Pelletier, the dog’s owner. Bangor told Daily News In 2014. “She kept beating, and after a while, I went to look, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I saw what looked like a little rag doll, but then we saw that it was a frozen little one.” Was a child

In 1985, Degel dropped her newborn baby into a gravel pit at temperatures below zero.
Aerostatic County Court House

According to the local shop, the dog was a Siberian husky named Paca.

State police detectives discovered the baby was born and then left it in a gravel pit without temperatures below zero.

“It was very cold, just very, very cold,” Major State Police Major Charles Lowe told the Bangor Daily News in 2014. “I was not the first officer at the scene, but I was one of the first officers. Was going on, trying to gather information.

The baby's body was discovered by Armand Pilatier's dog, a Siberian husky named Paca.
The baby’s body was discovered by Armand Pilatier’s dog, a Siberian husky named Paca.

“It was very quiet in this gravel pit, and it looked like a car had gone in, because the track was very clear in the snow. There was a set of dog tracks right next to them. Following the signs, he went to the house where he had dropped the child by the door.

With the help of advances in DNA technology and genetic genetics, the case was finally crushed.

“This case marks the end of decades of investigations by dozens of retired and current detectives who have never stopped seeking answers and justice for Baby Jane Doe,” said Mainstate Police. Said in a Facebook post Announcement of arrest.

State police said Maine’s two detectives “chased every lead and spent countless hours working and following new leads who helped identify Baby Jane Doe’s mother.”

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