Avalanche vs. Lightning: Top players to watch on both sides in the 2022 Stanley Cup Final

The 2022 Stanley Cup Final match is set up, and the Tampa Bay Lightning and Colorado Avalanche are full of star players. With so much talent on the ice at the same time, there are some players whose fans need to be on the lookout all the time.

There is no shortage of top notch talent in this series. Avalanche Center Nathan MacKinnon is the top five player in the league, while Lightning captain Steven Stamkos has ice in his veins when it comes to big moments in big games.

Even outside of Star Power, each team has some really talented players who will have a big impact on which team celebrates with the Stanley Cup at the end of the season. Colorado’s Arthur Lahkonen and Tampa Bay’s Anthony Searle have named themselves great two-way forwards who can influence the game in all three zones.

These are the top players to watch in the 2022 Stanley Cup Final.

Nathan McCann | C | Colorado Avalanche

Nathan McCann is about to reach his first Stanley Cup, and that’s bad news for Tampa Bay defenders. In the Western Conference finals, McCann scored three goals and five points in four games, many of which came in jaw-dropping fashion. Thus, McCann has only strengthened his position in the NHL elite this post season. In 14 games, he has played more than 232 minutes on five-on-five. At the moment, the avalanche has scored 20 goals while allowing only eight, according to Natural State Truck. When McCann is in the game, it’s a safe bet to understand that Colorado is controlling the game.

Steven Steamcos | C | Tampa Bay Lightning

You would think that three consecutive runs in the Stanley Cup final would take a lot away from the 32-year-old center, but Steven Stamkos is constantly moving forward. The Lightning captain has already scored nine goals in those playoffs, which is better than the eight he scored when he won the Stanley Cup last summer. Stamcos scored both of his team’s goals in a 2-1 victory over the New York Rangers in Game 6 of Tampa Bay to win the Eastern Conference Championship. After losing the last two rounds of the Brayden Point playoffs, the Stamkos have moved on to make sure the Bolts continue their run.

Banana Capricorn | D | Colorado Avalanche

Very few defenders have a 200-foot game like Capricorn. When it comes to moving the puck out of its own zone, through the neutral zone, and into the offensive zone, you can count the number of players in the same level as the cunning on the one hand. With five to five snowballs, Colorado has captured 62.79% of expected targets, according to Natural State Truck. This is an extraordinary number for the 23-year-old defense man in the post-season. On the score sheet, Maker is averaging more than one point per game with five goals and 17 assists in 14 games. Whenever Capricorn skates hit the ice, they must watch TV.

Mikhail Sergachev | D | Tampa Bay Lightning

Victor Headman gets the most attention on the Tampa Bay blue line, and for good reason. He is one of the best defenders in the NHL and has been for some time. However, there are important partners in the defense of lightning, and Mikhail Sergachev is one of them. At the mature age of 23, Sergachev is in his fifth full NHL season and has the potential to eat some tough minutes for Tampa Bay. In the final round, Sergeyev saw a lot of ice time against the New York Rangers’ top weapons, such as Mika Zebanizad and Artemis Pinarin. Oh, and New York managed to score only five goals in the last four games of the series.

Artturi Lehkonen | LW | Colorado Avalanche

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One of my favorite moves before the trade deadline was an avalanche involving Artturi Lehkonen to strengthen their depth. This has proved to be a boon for Colorado. Lehkonen is a strong two-way forward who has contributed a lot this post-season. Through 14 games, Lehkonon has scored six goals. Three of those were game-winning goals, including his overtime telecast in Game 4 against the Edmonton Eagles that sent the Avs to the Stanley Cup Final. We’ll see if he has more clutch performances in his sleeve against Lightning.

Anthony Searle | C | Tampa Bay Lightning

After winning the Stanley Cup last year, Lighting lost its entire shutdown line between the extended draft and the free agency. This post season, Anthony Searle has been touted as Tampa’s best defensive option among the forwards. According to Natural State Truck, Cerelli has played 232 five-of-five minutes this post-season, and Tampa Bay has only allowed four goals so far. The offensive side of the series is yet to begin, but there is a reason. He created several chances to score against the Rangers, but was repeatedly sidelined by Igor Shesterkin. As a result, Cirelli’s post-season shooting percentage sits at an impossibly low 3.1%.

Darcy Komper | جی | Colorado Avalanche

Darcy Komper could be the biggest X-factor in this Stanley Cup final. With Andrei Vasilovsky’s goal, on the other hand, Koemper doesn’t have much room for error – and he hasn’t been solid in the playoffs. In his 10 games played, Comper has averaged -3.65 goals, averaging 26th in the playoffs. In his last four starts, Comper allowed 13 goals off 86 shots. He will have to do much better against the Tampa Bay team, which is full of players who specialize in finding the back of the net.

Corey Perry | RW | Tampa Bay Lightning

At 37, Corey Perry is still looking for his second Stanley Cup. Perry has been painfully close for the last two seasons. In 2020, he was on the Dallas Stars, losing to Lightning in the Stanley Cup Final. In 2021, he was on the Montreal Canadiens, who lost to Lightning in the Stanley Cup Final. This past off-season, Perry subscribed to the “Join If You Can’t Be The One” philosophy. Perry is back in the Stanley Cup final, so what will be the charming third time? This was for Marian Hossa, who went through similar troubles with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings before winning the Cup with the Chicago Black Hawks in 2010.