Authorities say there is no evidence of a shooting at the Copenhagen Mall.

The gunman who slaughtered three people and wounded four others at a busy shopping mall in Denmark randomly picked his victims, officials said Monday – as he insisted it was a terrorist act. There is no proof.

The 22-year-old shooter – an unidentified Danish man – fired a rifle at a field shopping center in Copenhagen’s Field on Sunday, killing a 17-year-old girl and a boy and a 47-year-old boy. Old russian man.

Four others were hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

Authorities have denied that the attack was linked to terrorism.

Copenhagen’s Chief Police Inspector Soren Thompson said: “There is nothing in our investigation, either in the documents we have reviewed, or in what we have found, or in the statements we have received from witnesses. , Which can confirm that this is an act of terrorism. ” Correspondents Monday.

Frightened shoppers fled the field’s shopping center after a gunman shot dead three people and wounded four others in Copenhagen on Sunday.
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Fear of firing on Danish goods
One young man said he saw people running out of the movie theater when the shots rang.
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Investigators did not say who carried out the attack, during which eyewitnesses said an “angry” gunman smashed windows and targeted shoppers. Thirty people were injured in total, many during the chaotic rush to get out of the mall.

The country’s last major mass shooting took place in 2015 – when two people were killed and six policemen were injured at a cultural center and a synagogue in Copenhagen.

The suspect in Sunday’s attack was a Danish man who had obtained a rifle and other firearms illegally. Thomson said without elaborating that he was also known for providing mental health care in Denmark.

Thomson first described the gunman as a “racial dean”, usually referring to someone who was white.

Danish police
Four others were hospitalized in critical but stable condition.
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Shooting in Denmark
The gunman was described as a “race dean”, usually used to describe someone who is white.
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The suspect appeared in a packed courtroom on Monday, where he was charged with four counts of murder and attempted murder. Lawyers for the alleged gunman refused to file a petition, which the judge ordered to be kept behind closed doors. The BBC reported..

According to the outlet, investigators are watching videos of a young man with a weapon that has been circulating on social media since Sunday.

One young man said he saw people running out of the movie theater when the shots rang.

Isabella Hijratholm, 13, said: “I didn’t really know where to get out because I didn’t know the mall well, so I just had to go on some kind of roof behind a large group, and Fortunately, we found an emergency route, “Isabella Hegertholm, 13, told the BBC.

Shoppers are hugging each other as police evacuate a field shopping center in Copenhagen, where three people were shot dead on Sunday.
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The woman who fired at the Danish mall is crying.
During the shooting, some shoppers hid in bathrooms and storage cabinets.

The suspect was taken into custody about 13 minutes after police received a report of a shooting, according to the BBC.

The shooting shocked shoppers and hinted at singer Harry Styles. Cancel a show set for Sunday night. In the capital of Denmark

According to the BBC, some shoppers told Danish media outlets that they hid in bathrooms or storage cabinets when the disaster struck.

“All of a sudden we hear the sound of shots – 10 shots, I think – and then we run out of the mall and get to a toilet, where we get together in this little toilet, where we have about 11 people. “A woman identified as Isabelle said. “It’s really hot and we’re waiting and we’re really scared. It’s been a terrible experience.”

Meanwhile, Danish Prime Minister Matteo Frederickson called Monday’s attack “extraordinarily brutal” as millions of Danes celebrated the weekend and watched the Tour de France kick off on Friday.

“I think we’ve experienced as little contradiction as we did yesterday,” Frederickson told reporters. According to the New York Times. “In a split second, the party and the joy stopped and the worst happened to us.”

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