At least 25 people have been injured in a hot coal fire in Switzerland.

According to police, the team-building exercise in Switzerland went horribly wrong when 25 people were burnt after walking on hot coals.

Zurich Canton (state) police said in a statement that the incident took place at a private ceremony on the Ao Peninsula on Lake Zurich on Tuesday evening.

According to police, the participants of the ceremony walked on a coal bed several feet long and later complained of pain.

At least 10 ambulances were called to the property to treat the injured.

Police said 25 people were treated at the scene, and 13 of them were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Authorities obtained evidence and began investigating the incident.

Reported by German-language Swiss News Outlet Bulk. The corporate event was organized by marketing company Goldbach. About 150 people were present at the scene.

News outlet Cited an internal memo sent to Goldbach employees on Wednesday. In the letter, CEO Michelle Frank confirmed that several staff members were burned after participating in the “volunteer” team’s activity, which involved walking barefoot on shiny pieces of charcoal.

Frank said there was “proper preparation” before the firewalk. He wished the injured a speedy recovery and offered his support.

A company spokesman insisted that “no one was forced to walk on burning coals”.

The incident resembles a popular episode of “The Office” set-up, in which the boss, Michael Scott, urges employees to walk on hot coals.