Assam govt bulldozes madrassa run by terror accused, CM says state is becoming hotbed of Islamic fundamentalists

Established in 2018, the Jama Al-Hadi Madrasa in Morabari in Assam’s Morigaon district was bulldozed on the morning of August 4. This is the third incident where the state government has used bulldozers on properties of criminals, the previous two being in Butdarwa. Dibrugarh. However, this is the first time that a madrassa has been demolished for alleged links to anti-national activities.

According to Aparna N, Superintendent of Police, Morigaon, the Jamia Al-Hadi Madrasah was demolished under the Disaster Management Act and UAPA. 43 Madrassa students have now been admitted in different schools.

Mufti Mustafa, a doctorate in Islamic law from Bhopal, started a madrasa in the name of his father. The madrassa hit the headlines when Morigaon police arrested Mufti Mustafa for alleged links with the Bangladesh-based al-Qaeda affiliate Ansarullah Bangla Team. The madrassa was sealed by the district authorities. Along with Mustafa, another teacher, his brother and wife, as well as 19 students of the madrassa, were questioned by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which is now probing the Morigaon module of the ABT. By far the most important of the five. Officials say that in the last five months, the Assam Police uncovered the modules.

An investigation into the Morigaon module and Mustafa’s involvement revealed that sophisticated electronic gadgets and Taliban videos were used to educate students in the madrassa and beyond. In this regard, a Banat seminary in the same area and another seminary in Dhang of Nagoon district, where Mustafa used to teach or used to visit, have also been sealed.

Officials say at least seven Bangladeshi nationals have visited the Jamia Al Huda madrassa since 2019, including a fugitive linkman from ATB Bangladesh.

Chief Minister Hamanta Biswa Sarma said that Assam Police has arrested a Bangladeshi national ATB operative Summan from Barpeta and five others are absconding.

Addressing a press conference, Sarma said, “In the last four months, we have uncovered five modules of Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT), a banned terrorist organization of Bangladesh, which has al-Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent. (AQIS) links. “Inputs seized helped in busting terror modules in West Bengal, Tripura, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. All this was done with active cooperation and coordination of national security agencies.

The Chief Minister said that it has been proved beyond doubt that Assam is becoming a stronghold of Islamic fundamentalists. “When you uncover 5 modules and the whereabouts of the other 5 Bangladeshi nationals are still unknown, you can imagine the gravity,” he said. “We have already abolished 800 government madrasas in Assam. But there are many national madrasas in the state. Citizens, parents should keep track of these madrasas and what kind of subjects are taught there.

The NIA team now in Barpeta is on the lookout for two ABT operatives who are active in the area. In the ABT module, the investigation team has traced several financial transactions from Bangladesh and some people who were arrested in Bangladesh for their links with ATB.

Director General of Police Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta had earlier expressed concern that Al-Qaeda is a reality in Assam and is spreading its footprints at an alarming rate. The organization published its quarterly magazine in Bangla language, in which its intentions were loud and clear. Special DGGP Singh of Assam Police is personally supervising the arrests and module operations.

The Chief Minister said that the Ansarullah Bangla Team increased its activities and campaign during the Covid pandemic in Assam when the administration and police were busy dealing with the crisis.

“The most important fact is that a book called Kitab al-Jihad, Eid Barta, has been seized in the Morigaon module. It is not necessarily dangerous to provide information about explosives, it is to encourage Jihad to make human bombs. is also more dangerous,” added Sarma. “These people were working as preachers in mosques – as a cover job – their aim was to wage Jihad against India and establish ‘Sharia’ law. Especially during Covid-19 towards these people. A number of training camps were held from 1998. They were trained in tradecraft (techniques/technologies used in modern espionage), radicalization, education, gun training and bomb making.

“While the Popular Front of India (PFI) has no direct links with the ABT modules we have uncovered, the organization is creating an ecosystem. They are spreading lies that Muslims are victims of the state. They do not talk about the benefits given to Muslims in the last eight years,” the CM said.

Although Assam has closed 750 government madrasas, the state has 800 national madrasas, 500 Hafizi madrasas, and 200 Banat madrasas.

Demolition of madrassa without court order is unfair and coercive by BJP government. Let the government set an example where anyone arrested on suspicion of jihad links has been established by the court,” said Aminul Islam, MLA, AIUDF.

Reacting to AIUDF’s stand, Assam State Linguistic Minority Board Chairman Shiladitya Deb said, “The demolition of the madrasa is commendable. Most madrassas produce jihadis. These madrassas should be closed to save the students and prevent further division of the community.”

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