Ashwin Dutt questions the existence of the Active Producers Guild.

In the last few weeks, we have seen producers in the Telugu film industry forming active producers’ guilds to make their demands heard. Producers want to cut down on re-counting of actors and lower production costs. Senior producer Ashwini Dutt spoke about the issues in a media interaction and also questioned the existence of the Active Producers Guild, represented by Dil Raju.

Dutt said there was no need for an Active Producers Guild when the Producers Council was already defunct. He further said that the Producers Council was formed many years ago for the welfare of the producers.

Talking about the current situation, Dutt said, “These days, it has become a challenge to attract audiences to the theatres. To some extent, this situation has come about because the producers have been forced by the chief ministers to increase the ticket prices. . Fans are worried about ticket prices being irritated. One time they want an increase. Another time, they want the rates to be reduced.

“It is not fair to increase the fees of heroes indiscriminately. The remuneration of the hero should be commensurate with its market potential. That said, it is not right that ticket prices are increased only because of the remuneration of heroes.”

Ashwini Dutt concluded by saying that when the film industry faced problems, the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce would step in, not NTR and ANR.

Active Producers Guild has decided to suspend the shooting of films from August 1. But Ashwini Dutt’s production house Vijayanti Movies will not suspend the shooting.

After his comment went viral, Ashwini Dutt clarified his statement saying that he has a good relationship with the producers. He added that he does not disrespect any producer.

Ashwini Dutt has been in the Telugu film industry for almost 50 years.

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