Army identifies Sanford Keith Bowen, a World War II soldier killed after more than 75 years of waiting

ASHLAND, Ohio – The remains of an Ohio soldier who died fighting in France during World War II have now been positively identified, Defense Department officials announced Monday.

Sanford Keith Bowen, 26, of PFC Ashland, was part of Company I, 3rd Battalion, 157th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division. Authorities said the unit was trying to secure the area near Repertoire Wheeler in France in January 1945 when it came under siege by German forces.

Sanford Keith Bowen will be buried in Shiloh on July 22.
Defense POW / MIA Accounting Agency

Only two men from his company made it through the German lines, and the rest were captured or killed. Bowen’s body was not immediately recovered due to heavy fighting.

Defense POW / MIA accounting agency historians say their scientists used anthropogenic analysis to identify Bowen. Officials said it was originally calculated in March, but the announcement was delayed until his family received a full briefing.

Bowen will be buried in Shiloh on July 22.