Archie Bradley of Angels suffered an elbow fracture during a brawl. Mariners

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The team announced Tuesday that Archie Bradley, a right-handed relief worker from Los Angeles, is on the list of injuries to his right elbow. It will be discontinued for at least four weeks and will be sidelined for about two months in total, meaning Bradley could return on time in the last month of the regular season.

Sam Blum tweeted that according to the team’s head coach Bradley He was injured when he slipped and fell Coming out of the dugout in the early moments of the Angels’ recent feud with the Mariners:

And it looks like Bradley suffered a fracture:

Bradley was not among the 12 players who were suspended for their actions during the bench-clearing dispute.

In it, Bradley has reached the age of 4.82 ERA (83 ERA +) with 29 campaigns, 15 strikeouts in 18 2/3 innings and six unintentional walks. After a solid season with the Fleiss in 2021, Bradley signed a one-year, $ 3.75 million contract with Angeles this past off-season.