Apple Studio Display is experiencing audio issues, company says here’s how you can fix it

Apple’s Studio Display is a premium product for the company, but this week many users have complained of issues with the speakers on the device. It seems that Apple has acknowledged these issues but the solution to the problem is not good for users.

Apple has indicated in its internal memo that the speaker on the Studio Display will behave erratically, where the audio will sometimes play faster or you’ll notice a drop in audio quality. But as mentioned therein. Reports by the MacromersThe $1,599 (roughly Rs. 1.25 lakh) Studio Display may cause these issues for users.

The company says you can quickly fix this problem by removing power from the Studio Display, unplugging accessories connected to the display, waiting ten seconds, and then turning the Studio Display back on to get the best audio performance. Start.

Premium Studio Display was rated as one of the best audio systems with microphone and camera. But users have been complaining about the audio unit for quite some time now.

The report states that Apple believes that the speaker issue is not a hardware issue, and will release an update in the near future to fix it.

The company didn’t give more details about the update or the issue in its memo, but it’s safe to say that the $1599 product shouldn’t have these issues. The product is designed for professionals, so Apple could have done a better job of conveying this message to its customers rather than putting it in an internal memo.

Studio Display runs on the iOS version (as weird as that sounds), and has previously released an update to fix the poor quality of the webcam. So we are hoping that the audio issues can also be fixed with an update as soon as possible.

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