Anu Kapoor admits to acting just for the money, says he’s still a struggling actor after 40

Entertaining us for over 40 years, veteran actor Anu Kapoor is all set to keep us intrigued with his upcoming Amazon Prime series Crash Course. Despite being in the industry for over four decades, Anu Kapoor still believes that she is a “struggling actor”. In a recent chat with Hindustan Times, the actor spoke about his career as well as recent changes in the industry. He further claimed that it was only because of money that actors, who did not want to work for television, “are coming to OTT.” In his candid talk, Anu even revealed that he even took up projects for money, which he didn’t like.

Addressing the recent shift in the industry, with many leading stars making their OTT debuts, Anu Kapoor was quoted by Hindustan Times as saying, “Initially, there was some misogyny at the top of the so-called Hindi film industry. It used to be. . They won’t work for television. But money talks and bulls do. He added that “Bollywood icons” had to choose the platform “because of money and exposure”. Going further, the Jolly LLB 2 actor claimed that money is the reason why stars are so active on their social media accounts. He said, ‘On Instagram, you can see that they are buffoons. They are dancing because they get paid.

Going further, the actor agreed that there is nothing wrong with these Bollywood stars doing things for money, as long as it is not a crime or “betraying one’s country”. And he even admitted that he himself “works for money”. Also, he said that it was only because of the money that he did projects that he didn’t like, and that he “felt frustrated inside” while doing so. But he said he couldn’t help her because he had to “run the kitchen” and take care of his family. Anu Kapoor added that I am not Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan, I am just a very young, struggling actor even after 40 years.

He even claimed that the country only cares about beauty and not talent. The actor said, “And in this country, nobody cares how talented or dedicated you are, as long as you’re beautiful, and you’ve done a couple of films as a hero. That’s fine.”

Meanwhile, on her work front, Anu Kapoor was last seen sharing screen space with Emraan Hashmi and Amitabh Bachchan in a suspense thriller. Now, his upcoming Crash Course premieres on Amazon Prime on August 5. The drama series is based on the story of two warring coaching institutes and will feature Anu Kapoor as a ruthless businessman.

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