Anek Movie Review: ‘Many’ exposing the ‘need’ of violence in politics, hurting Delhi on the pretext of North East

The film ‘Anek’ is yet another comment from director Anubhav Sinha on the present day. Awakened from the film ‘Mulk’, Anubhav Sinha has earlier got the country’s Alsati Medha read ‘Article 15’ and has also applied ‘Slap’. In the film ‘Anek’, Anubhav is talking about the country by going beyond the society. This time he has reached those parts of the country, seeing whose face and face, trying to accept him as his own has hardly been done in the main area of ​​the country. The film talks about the essentials. Staying within the cinematic realm. And, it also takes the risk of telling stories going against the stream. Ayushmann Khurrana says that the film ‘Anek’ should not be tested at the box office as it does with other commercial films. But, it is necessary for the film ‘Anek’ to reach as many people as possible.

Politics due to unrest

I found myself thinking about my recent visit to the Naxal areas in Chhattisgarh a decade, a decade, and a half back. I had mistakenly taken my entire family. Dantewada. As I wandered in the interior of Bastar my life was on the verge of ending, but it was assumed that the Bastar residents were very firm in their beliefs. All teams received the vehicle number through a reporter who was in the area. They were assured they were safe. But there was always the worry that someone might try to make headlines. After spending three days roaming the Naxal afflicted areas, it was discovered that there is someone who wants unrest to continue. This question is answered in the film Anek. The entire northeastern state crop, which is only connected to the rest through a narrow corridor of 24 km, dies in trucks left on the highway.

The story of the struggle of the North East,

Anek divides the country’s most famous slogan, Jai Jawan Jai Kisan into two halves. Then they meet face to face. The government wants peace in North East. Talks have begun to reach an agreement. The signing of a peace agreement is now just a matter of time. The faction that was nurtured by an undercover agent to pawn off the leader of the militants seated at the table is now against signing the peace deal. The government wants peace. The film states, at one point, that it is more difficult to maintain violence than to preserve peace. It is also true to say that war is a business in which profits are both guaranteed and contingent. What is kept in peace? If everything goes as planned, the governments and the businesses of the people who sell arms won’t have to work.
Ayushmann Khurrana’s films have been breaking taboos and going to the Oscars. His new film, Anek, is breaking political taboos. Anubhav Sinha’s decision to make a change after the film Mulk’ was released helped him become a better director. Anubhav Sinha’s greatest work is ‘Anek’. There are many films made about the North East. But Anubhav Sinha took a huge risk when he decided to make a Hindi film that was based in part on what has happened in this region. Anek is a world-first in cinema. It must be accepted as India’s official entry to Oscar’s next ceremony because of its excellence and impact on the living audience. The Film Federation of India will decide the outcome.

The film ‘Anek’ of the current time is the film of

T-series was the original company. Its previous film, Bhool Bhulaiya 2, has been the most-watched film at the Box Office. The atmosphere before the film’s release is what explains the difference in their promotion. Ayushmann Khurrana said that films like Anek’ don’t have a lot of impact on their box office. It’s about getting this message across to the people. However, it is essential for films such ‘As Anek to perform at the box offices. This is The North East Files. The film is not suitable for group booking, and no political party nor its affiliate organizations will accept group bookings. However, it is essential for the new generation. To learn about this country. To recognize its pain.

Aido and Joshua’s love story

Anek portrays the North East’s pain through a screenplay that is simple and sincere. This truth is concealed in the story Aido and Joshua’s untold relationship. This delusion is ongoing in the North East. Ayushman Kharna’s irritation at people living in these countries are the symptoms of the suffering of the average citizen. Andrea must act for India, even though many Indians consider him an Indian. Aman and Aido struggle in the film’s final moments. This is when the film enters the realm known as the box office test.

See or don’t watch the

Anek, the movie about this truth, is a film. Hindi cinema swings between prejudices, misconceptions and speculations these days. The release and release of The Kashmir Files, as well as The Kerala Story’, are just two of many aspects of India’s current picture that deserve to be mentioned. Ayushmann Khurrana and Anubhav Sinha both starred in the film. However, it is possible that this streak will also change the fate of Hindi cinema. The film is worth watching.