An Argentinian soccer player was arrested on the field for assaulting a female referee during a game.

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An Argentinian soccer player brutally assaulted a female referee during a match on Sunday. The match ended in suspension and Christian Tirone of Argentine third division club Deportivo Garmense was arrested on the field.

The female official called a foul on Tyrone, who strongly contested the call. Tyrone’s teammates tried to pull him away from the official as he argued, but Tyrone was then shown a yellow card.

Terron then broke away from his teammates and threw a punch to the officer’s head, knocking her down. After some time, Terron was removed from the official by the assistant referees. The police then came to the scene and arrested Teron.

The official, named Dalma Kortadi, told Ole News (via La Nacion). That he was forced to go to the hospital. Cortadi was kept in hospital for observation and suffered cuts and bruises to his arms as a result of the attack.

“This situation hurts me at work because it makes me unable to work,” Cortadi told Ole News. “Now I have to be strong. The blow hurt me… You should throw him out forever. He should never be in a club. He is a violent person. Should be too. I saw it. Video: A normal person doesn’t do what this guy did, no one deserves it. We don’t go to him. [matches] I hope he will pay for what he did.”

After Terron’s arrest, the match was immediately suspended.

Club Deportivo Garmense also released a statement regarding the brutal attack.

“Given the events that took place this Sunday during the third division football match played in the city of Adolfo González Chavez between Garmins and Independencia, during which a Garmin player physically assaulted a female referee. Assailed as such, the Club expresses its passionate repudiation of this action which is against the Spirit That’s what the goal is to develop with the practice of the game,” said the club.