An ancient tomb found in UNESCO World Heritage Site in Israel, whoever opens it has a warning written on the tomb …. | An ancient tomb has been found in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Israel, with a warning on the tombstone.

Ancient tomb found in Israel: An ancient tomb has been found in Israel with a red warning not to open it. Ever since pictures of the tomb surfaced, it has become a topic of discussion on social media. Archaeologists have found the tomb in a recently discovered cave inside an old cemetery in the Jewish Beit Sherim Cemetery in Galilee. According to experts, this is the first tomb to be discovered at a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 65 years.

The tombstone contains a warning in Hebrew, which, according to the Times of Israel, says, “Jacob (Aquibus) swore that whoever opened this tomb would be cursed.”

1,800 year old tomb
A photo of the tombstone was shared on Israel’s official Twitter account on June 8. The caption with the photo was, “Things you shouldn’t open: Pandora’s box – an umbrella inside the house – ancient tombs. This 1,800 year old tomb of a Jewish man named Jacob the Convert was recently discovered in Galilee. It contained a letter warning people not to open graves. “

There may be a grave of this period.
According to the Times of Israel, the marker was discovered last year, but was published in a joint press release from the University of Haifa and the Israeli Antiquities Authority. The outlet also spoke to IAA chief Eli Escocido, who said the inscription dates to the late Roman period or early Byzantine period.

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