Best Akracing Gaming Chair Range Reviews 2021

We will be taking an in-depth look at each akracing gaming chair individually and then also looking at what the range offers as a whole with such a diverse range of options. We're confident you'll find the perfect akracing gaming chair to suit your needs. Will there be sitting in an office filing, paperwork, and owning noobs online or a relaxing day outside AK racing have got you covered.

range sports an ergonomic design providing excellent back support engineered for long periods of use and help alleviate neck and back pain.

Akracing | The Common Features

step 1

Density Foam

There is high-density molding foam to ensure that it maintains shape throughout its lifetime.

step 2

Support Up To 150KG

For that class for guests, these chairs can support up to 150KG or 330 pounds of weight at all varying heights.

step 3

Adjustable Armrest

All the AK Range chairs have adjustable arms wrists and come with moveable head wrists, and lumbar supports the best suit.

step 4

Steel Frame

Inside they have a very solid and durable steel frame, so you don't have to worry about it falling over or taking a knock accompanying this.

Build Quality

Akracing gaming chair, the PU leather on the chair has a smooth velvety feel. The inside consists of cold-cured foam VS a less expensive memory foam found on cheaper budget gaming chairs than the GT racing chair. The leather has a more plasticky feel to it. The padding is made of memory foam VS the cold cured foam found on the AK racing, which, while softer, has a greater tendency to sag under heavyweight.


Comfort is a bit of a mixed bag with the more expensive akracing gaming chair. Yes, the cold cure foam padding in the seat is more resistant to sagging, but it is also harder since it's relatively thin. akracing gaming chair shines; however, in the comfort of the backrest, the cushioning is thick, almost double that found on the GT racing chair the design on the external neck pillow because the pillow goes over the headrest of through the cutout in terms of how much you can adjust this height.

Let's See The Range of Akracing Gaming Chair! 

1) Onyx all the good things we know and love about AK range so far, but a more premium design a very sleek and clean all-black river looked equipped with the Pro mechanisms included in the higher end of the range added some new functionality to the chair. It does mention the weight of those akracing gaming chair the same as the risk coming in at 25KG.

The onyx is the true king of the AK racing office series, it gets available in PU leather and top grain leather this is the top grain leather onyx Delux it offers the executive look and feels as well as standard features a wide frame, and this is probably the widest this chair kind of makes me feel easy.

Specification Of Onyx

Max Weight Capacity: 330Ib / 149.7kg
User Height Range: 5.6 to 6.6 inch / 170.1 to 200.6 cm
Caster: 3 inch /7.6cm
Material: Aluminum Foam, Leather, Metal
Package weight: 72Ib
Box dimensions: 35 x 29 x 18.5 inch

2) K7012 We've got an akracing gaming chair whose model name is K7012, which is the entry-level chair of the range. Sporting breathable fabric as opposed to the aesthetic, this chair provides an excellent solution for those who came in hot areas or may have trouble regulating the temperature in their rooms with the standard AK Racing mold and frame the material changes how it feels sitting apart from the wrist personally the akracing gaming chair leg, and guest space is standard as expected providing a very strong and durable chair perfect for an office and home and all types of weather conditions.

Specification Of K7012

Package Weight: 23kg
Package width: 44cm
Seat height min:  42cm
Seat height max: 50cm
Backrest width: 50cm
Backrest height: 92cm
Armrest height min: 27cm
Armrest height max: 34cm

3) Octane looks like any other chair in the range. Still, the rocket and Luckett feature allows you to lock the akracing gaming chair at a tilt while maintaining a solid and secure feel. The framing and shoulders of the chair feel much more solid and noticeable than others on the range.

Specification Of K7012

Weight: 25kg
Width: 540mm
Depth: 560mm
Max height: 142cm
Height min: 134cm
Armrest height minimum: 27cm
Armrest height maximum: 34cm

4) Max series like the octane the series are the same rocket and locket feature but this akracing gaming chair on the other end of the spectrum for size and field. The max series has a wide affect rest of the range, coming in at 62cm compared to octane 52cm.

It is gaming chair by AK racing now this is the max model if you work in an office or game or stream for hours you need a high-quality uncomfortable chair to keep your lower back in good condition I always recommend to at least take a break every hour. Still, the akracing gaming chair is comfortable at the highest level the setup is super easy the screws are pre screw where they belong, and instruction are easy to follow.

This chair is look like a tank it is assigned for big and tall people it has a white frame which is very good if you have a white back I also love the flat open seat the weight capacity is up to 400 pounds you can lay flat 180 degree if you want and it works great.

Specification Of Max

Max Weight: 400Ib to 78.00’’ / 167.64 to 198.12cm
User height range:  14.37 to 17.24’’
Seat: 20.47’’ / 52cm (Depth)
23.23 inch /59cm (width)
4.92’ inch / 12.5cm (thickness)
Backrest: 24.21’’ / 61.5cm (width)
34.25 inch / 87cm (height)
Armrest: 26.57 to 32.4” (arm to floor)
28.74 to 30.24’’ (arm to arm)
Caster: 2.5’’ / 6.35cm
Tilt adjustment: 3 to 8 degree
Material: PU leather
Weight: 57.55lb / 26kg
Packaging weight: 68lb

5) Premium series this chair puts you on the hot seat of the action, similar to the octane with a very tight and solid feeling.

Specification Of K7012

Weight: 25kg
Body Case Material: metal
Bdody Color: Black
Chair cover material: PU
Foam type: high density Mould shaping foam
Armrest Pad size: 26g / 2.5cm
Tilt Lock: Yes
Adjustable Tilt Angle: 12 degree
Caster Size: 65mm / 53mm
Gross Weight: 28kg
Adjustable Back Angle: 180
Weight Capacity: 150kg
Foam Density: 55 kg/m³ (seat) 50 kg/m³ (back)

How To Assemble Akracing


Begin the assemblage by taking the chair backrest (F) outside of the case also remove the protecting plastic. Next, separate the preinstalled backrest 5mm rolls doing the large hex nuts(L) on the right-hand side of the backrest.


Copy step 1 on that left-hand side of the seat. Save the nuts.


Get the chair seat out of the case and eliminate the protecting plastic. Next, eliminate the protecting foam from the metal side brackets.


Adjust the backrest including the bracket on the left side of the seat.

SREP 5  

Add the backrest using the 5mm bolts you kept in step 1 and long hex key (L), by turning them in loosely.


For security purposes, avoid removing the recline lever on the right-hand side until the backrest is securely connected.

Adjust the backrest with the support on the top side of the seat. Attach the backrest

using the 5mm bolts you collected in step 2 and long hex key, and stretch the bolts on the left and the right-hand side at this time.


Doing this small hex key (K) and side cover bolts, install the lower (D) including upper ( C ) side cases on the left side of the seat.


Using the small hex key (K) and front-side cover bolts, attach the remaining upper ( C ) side cover at the right-hand side of the seat.


Time to fix the tool (E) to the seat. Begin by eliminating the preinstalled screws from the rear of the chair using the big hex key (L) and keep them.


Depending on the chair design you own, you’ll see the high-level device (left) or conventional mechanism (right) in the box.

Make sure the device is being fixed facing the front of the seat: the length fitting lever should be on the left-hand side and the giant step knob to resolve the rocking pressure is ever towards the front-side of the chair.

Adjust the mechanism with the gaps in the seat and use the bolts you collected in step 9 to install it securely.


Eliminate the red hat from the water-powered gas lift (J) (if any) and placed the gas lift cover (H) above the gas lift. Inject the gas lift into the device.


Put the wheelbase (A) upside down and enter the casters (B).


Lift the wheelbase and inject the water-powered gas lift into the gap in the wheelbase. Conscientiously tilt the chair upwards while keeping the wheelbase and view it upright. Assembly complete!

Pros And Cons


  • Comparatively cheap for a gaming chair.
  • Flexible, comfortable, and sturdy build.
  • Breathable material upholstery.


  • Not as warmly padded.


The akracing core series is well worth the price if you're over 230 IBS or value a silent akracing gaming chair. For average build weight people, the cheaper GT racing is a good alternative.

Before us move on to this end, I need to discuss a tiny little about the feature of this chair. The padding is attached to the metal case by heavy-duty copper rings in a related fashion as I have viewed specialists do with car seats.

The stitching at this chair is fully cleared. I took a much close attention during this conversation, and I did not notice any wrong stitches. Neither did I see any curved stitches.

Finally, below the chair’s seat, two tightly strung flexible straps give extra support.

It’s often viewed that most maximum gaming users consume more extra time in their PC chairs than in their beds. If you’re going to be consuming high hours relaxing down at a computer, then having a comfy chair that supports your body is a MUST! Protect yourself the back pain and poor posture, and spend in a proper chair.

Frequently Ask Question

Q1) Are AK Racing chairs good?

If you are searching for compatible, long-lasting support, AK Racing chairs are one of the greatest. But still another stand out feature shared with a chair is your ultra-high-quality cold foam cushioning. Thick padding and service cushions offer exemplary ergonomic service. The Core collection EX includes got the thinnest padding.

Q3) where should a gaming chair pillow be placed?

Position your pillows on the two curves in your spine: at the lower end and over the arms. Then, play around with the backrest recline unto you all find the most suitable position to support your body. The neck and behind pillows maintain the spine's natural curves while you lean into the backrest.

Q4) Is AKRacing a good brand?

Both DXRacer and Akracing are on the more expensive end of the akracing gaming chair spectrum in phrases of demand, and that does compare (at least a bit) to build quality better. Both brands are constructed of the firm, quality parts. ... These armrests are related on both brands.

Q5) How many time will you ship your Item?

We dispatch our stocks approximately 12.00 CET Monday to Friday on working days.

Q6: Is the neck pillows and lumbar added in this box?

Yes, the two cushions are added in this box.