AICTE will soon issue regulations for hybrid learning, students will have an option to opt out after 2 years.

The All India Council of Technical Education has announced that the regulations for hybrid learning will be released soon. Last week, while addressing a program on hybrid learning workshops for college leaders in Bengaluru, AICTE chairman Anil Sahasarabadhe said details on infrastructure, dos and don’ts, faculty training etc. should be presented soon. will

Anil Sahasarabadhe added that as per the regulations, students who opt out of the course after two years will be given an additional bridge course and diploma certificate. This will open up another exit option for students. According to a report in a leading daily, he said the council would set up a National Educational Technology Forum, which would serve as a platform for all stakeholders to share teaching materials with each other.

The AICTE chairman has asserted that colleges should not ignore core engineering branches. “If everything goes for AI, there will be saturation too. You should encourage students to take up core subjects as well,” he said as reported in the news portal. Sahasarabudhe further suggested Proposed that new age programs offer students short programs with core subjects.

Meanwhile, Karnataka State Higher Education Council vice-chairman B Thimay Gowda said, “The biggest challenge in introducing hybrid learning will be to get the teachers to believe.” There will be initial hesitation, which will have to be faced, he added.

The Government of India established the All India Council for Technical Education in 1945. The organization was constituted as an apex advisory body to survey technical education facilities and to promote and develop technical education in the country. According to the National Education Policy (1986), AICTE is the statutory authority for planning, formulating, and maintaining norms and standards as well as for the management of technical education in India.

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