Adam Silver will miss Game 5 of the NBA Finals due to health and safety protocol.

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NBA Commissioner Adam will miss Game 5 of the NBA Finals due to the Silver League’s Health and Safety Protocol. The league has not said whether Silver himself had a positive test for COVID-19 or if he was a close associate of someone who had. When ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski Contacted Silver for comment, she simply replied “Bad time.”

Silver usually participates in every game of the NBA Finals. Considering the protocol, however, it is not clear whether Silver will be able to participate in Game 6 or possibly Game 7, and if it cannot, someone else will have to present the trophy to the Boston Celtics or Golden State Warriors. ۔ One of them wins the championship.

Since taking over as commissioner in 2014, Silver has never missed a championship presentation, including the 2020 Orlando Bubble. The league has not made it clear who will replace him if he cannot attend. Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum handles the NBA Draft Lottery and announces the selection of the second round in the NBA Draft, so he will be a potential candidate.

The NBA has largely avoided major absences during the post-season due to COVID-19. Paul George missed the play-in game, Steve Kerr missed the Golden State series against Memphis, and an outbreak was reported in Phoenix involving at least one player. Succeeded in the middle of During the season, COVID-related absences have been significantly lower. The absence of silver is a reminder that the League and the country are still facing the virus and must continue to take steps to curb its spread.