A predatory fish dives under the sand to catch its prey. The clip went viral

The mysteries of the deep ocean are largely unknown and at the same time fascinating to most of us. The oceans and seas are home to a variety of aquatic creatures, many of which have different abilities and attributes. We all know that some creatures can camouflage themselves, blend in perfectly with their surroundings, either to remain invisible to approaching prey or to hide from predators. Chameleons and aquatic frogs are known to be experts at this, however, a recent video documenting some of the deep-sea creatures shows us that there are some fish that do the same with perfection. Only can.

The Twitter handle TansuYegen is known for sharing very interesting videos related to animals and sometimes other interesting things. This time, the Twitter handle shared a video of how a huge fish completely hid itself under some sand to prey on an unsuspecting small fish.

The video may be from deep in the ocean although some believe it is inside a large fish tank or aquarium. The location remains unknown. In the video, we first see a seahorse hovering in the water, near a bed that is covered with sand.

Soon, a small fish swims into the frame and suddenly, we see a huge fish emerge from the sand and swallow the small fish. The amazing fact is that the fish hid itself so well in the sand, even its body color changed to the color of the sand, that it was impossible to detect it before it jumped.

The video was titled ‘Perfect Camouflage’ and we couldn’t agree more. The tweet has been retweeted more than 12,000 times and people are amazed at the mesmerizing power of the fish. However, some people have been amused by the seahorse’s nonchalant behavior after being swallowed by a small fish.

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