A Kanpur clerk applied for leave to fetch a house wife troubled by ‘love talk’

A Kanpur government official, in a bold move, didn’t hold back when he had to write a two-day leave request. The letter written by the clerk has an honest theme, in which he expresses that he has to get his “putney” back from his “mica”. Shamshad Ahmed wrote to the Block Development Officer (BDO) of Premnagar seeking immediate leave to do so, reports India Today.

Ahmed said that after an argument with him, his wife went to her maternal uncle’s house with the children. He added that he needs to reform and bring him back home. He explained in the letter that he had an argument with his wife over a “love issue”. He further said that because of this he is emotionally hurt. He has to reform her and convince her to come back.

Fortunately, Ahmed’s request did not fall on deaf ears and the BDO granted his leave request. Now he can take his immediate leave and go to his wife to settle the “love affair” peacefully.

Of late, employees’ honesty when it comes to leave requests has led to many posts going viral on social media. For example, a Twitter user named Sahil shared: “My juniors are so cute, asking me to leave to attend an interview,” he wrote in the caption. In the application, the employee wrote, “Dear Sir, Greetings today. Good morning. I am sending this email to inform you that I need today off to attend an interview at another company. I would like to request you to please approve my leave.

The short and crisp leave application struck a chord with many. One person commented, “It’s hard to instill that level of trust in your subordinates. Congratulations bro. You must be an employee friend and a loving superior!”

Sahil shared the request in response to the resignation letter that was also going viral. Being considered as a “nonsense resignation letter”, the picture left people in complete division. A photo of the short and sweet resignation letter was shared on Twitter by a user @MBSVUDU. It simply says “Bye Bye Sir”. In the caption, the uploader wrote, “Simple”.

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