A 27-year-old Chinese man claims he can’t get a job because he looks like a child

Looking younger than your actual age may be an honor for many, but for one man in China, his unusually youthful appearance has affected his career. Oddity Central reports that Mao Sheng, despite being 27 years old, has the appearance of a child, and this, according to him, is getting in the way of him getting a job.

Sheng’s struggle came to light when a video of him went viral on TikTok. In the clip, reportedly shot in the Chinese city of Dongguan, Sheng reveals his age and says he is unable to get a job due to his childlike face and short stature. Sheng said his father was recovering from a stroke and he wanted to help him but couldn’t without a job. Sheng tried his luck in local factories and tried to work with friends. But, while his friends were employed, he was left jobless.

When Sheng would look for work, he complained, employers would accuse him of hiding his real age. Sheng also lost opportunities because some employers would fear that they would be accused of child labor if they hired her. In a video, Sheng is also seen showing his ID, which states that he was born in 1995.

As Sheng’s video circulated on the Internet, many people were moved by her plight. Many people were disappointed and condemned the discriminatory treatment of Sheng. However, on the bright side, Sheng started receiving job offers from entrepreneurs and many people reached out to him to offer help.

Later in a video, which was shared on TikTok, it was revealed that Sheng even accepted an offer and is working successfully. Sheng’s goal now is to earn enough to help her father recover. With things settled for Shang, he also plans to find a partner and start a happy family.

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