9 Japanese Wristwatch Brands to Add To Your Collection

Best Japanese Watch Brands

The best Japanese watches make up for quantity through consistent and often innovative quality. This tradition emerged in the 1970s when Seikos quartz movements revolutionized the industry. Today, Japanese watch brands continue to innovate through technological advancements and almost indestructible structures. 

Although reliable quartz is still the most used movement, this does not mean that Japanese brands do not produce a series of mechanical stunners.

Switzerland was the first watchmaker, but Japan has made its name in the watch industry as an equally strong player. Switzerland uses traditional techniques to create the world’s most luxurious timepieces, while Japan uses innovation to make the most functional timepieces. At the forefront of Japan’s emerging watchmaking industry are Citizen, Seiko, Orient, and G-SHOCK. These labels include a mechanical or quartz movement and several high-performance designs with advanced features. If you would like to diversify your collection, here are some Japanese wristwatch brands you should consider adding. 


In 1969, Seiko produced the first quartz watch, which started the greatest revolution in the modern watchmaking era. To this day, the brand continues to provide mechanical, automatic, and battery-powered high-quality watches. 

SKX173 from Seiko and other self-winding diving watches adhere to the spirit of innovation.  The light does not turn on the Seiko SKX173 watch, but the automatic watch can be wrapped around the wrist and does not require a battery. Along with impressive performance, this superior diving watch has been tested for water quality at a depth of 200 m and is ideal for diving. It also features a stylish stainless steel design. The black rotary knob with a 3-point function features an easy-to-read strip-line display and an English / Spanish day/date window with a 3 o’clock position. This gem also features a unidirectional rotating case that keeps track of the elapsed time.


Citizen is one of Japan's big four watch brands. Citizen has had decades of breakthrough innovations before. Today, he is known for developing Eco-Drive technology and & Super Quartz movement. Generally speaking, brand products are always robust, eye-catching, functional, and affordable. At the same time, Citizen Group continues to sell many watches, making it one of Japan's best brands and one of the largest watch manufacturers in the world. 


Without the name Casio, the dialogue of the Japanese wristwatch brand is incomplete. Casio created the world’s first mass-produced digital watch. Although this typical brand is still very digital and even a bit retro, it has come a long way from the era of calculator watches. 

Then we have G-SHOCK, also known as one of the most popular and durable product lines. Recently, it has also become a fashion statement among the streetwear crowd. Whether you want to buy a Casio PRO TREK smartwatch or the latest G-SHOCK, you will benefit from its toughness and versatility. 

Casio is a well-known brand originating in Japan that produces many fine watches and many electronic products. The Casio Aviator Look bracelet watch is one such watch. The watch with a stainless steel case and bracelet is a classic. While this watch is shiny and impressive, its performance is outstanding. Water-resistant to 100 meters, 1/20 second chronograph function, and built-in pivot function allow you to accurately measure and calculate time, speed, fuel consumption, and more, and this watch is invaluable. ..


Orient watch shops in Tokyo began in 1950. Currently owned by the Seiko Group, this iconic Japanese watch brand focuses on excellent quality and self-winding mechanical movements. In other words, it also produces quartz and solar models. Although most Orient models are watches with Japanese movements, Seiko is mainly responsible for manufacturing these movements. Everything else is developed and produced in-house by the brand. Widely regarded as the baby of Japan’s “big four” watch brands, the Orient is still far ahead of many contemporaries. 


Established by Kyowa Co., Ltd. in 2005, these luxury watches are limited in production and difficult to find outside Japan. Each component is designed, manufactured, and assembled in-house, and its cutting-edge aesthetics and powerful performance prove its establishment: 

Frank Miura

If you can't afford expensive watches, this intentionally similar brand may be your next best choice. As an alternative to the legendary Swiss watch manufacturers, these well-made imitations are only an essential part of the price. 


In Japan, minimalism is taken very seriously. This reminds us of Knot, a newly launched brand that uses selected details, classic complications, and high-quality materials to create a solid minimalist impression. Choose from a variety of attractive models or customize your model. Either way, this Japanese watch brand is happy to deliver at a favorable price. 


Most Japanese watchmakers provide convenient and reasonably priced watches but not Asaoka Hajime. As a solo product design and self-taught high-level watch technologist, he founded his brand in 2005 and quickly caused a sensation a few years later with his first model. 

Hajime Asaoka has produced a series of impressive works; however, the most significant thing is that he did most of the work himself. Asaoka usually works with each customer for a more personalized experience, his designs cost more than £30,000, but most collectors will say that they are good value for the money.

Naoya Hida

The newest brand on this list, Naoya Hida, launched the eponymous brand in 2018. The founder is an industry veteran of nearly 30 years Type 1B is equipped with a 37 mm champagne dial, small seconds, elegantly curved numbers, and beautiful leaf-shaped blue steel hands, almost pushing the classic to the extreme. 

Nevertheless, this is just the beginning of Hida. We hope that the brand will become more adventurous in the next few years. 

In Conclusion

Well, it may depend on who you ask. We can confidently say that brands like G-Shock and Citizen are valued for money, especially when you appreciate toughness, precision, and functionality rather than first-class aesthetics. Japanese and Swiss watches are different, but neither is better than the other. Swiss watches emphasize luxury and style, while Japanese watches emphasize technology and functionality. So it all depends on your priorities when buying a new watch.