7 Ways to Jazz Up Your Living Room in Monsoon

A refreshing dewy patrick, lush greenery and a certain romance in the air define monsoon for most of us. Plus, when you want to curl up in your lightweight quilt and call in sick to the office. With work from home a staple for most of us, here are some monsoon makeover ideas to liven up your living room and home and let you work while enjoying the rain outside. Makes you very excited.

Brighten up your room.
Use bright, contrasting, trendy colors like primary blue, tangy lime, warm orange cerulean and radiant yellow. “If you’re not one for a splash of color in the room, you can go for monochromatic or tonal themes. Don’t forget to add cushions in a bright contrasting color to create balance,” Grima Luthra, says Wari, interior designer and founder.

Wear breathable clothing.
Monsoon comes in humid weather, so nothing is more comfortable than a cotton bed sheet for a good night’s sleep. Cotton sheets also help absorb excess moisture. Another great option is a satin bed sheet. It looks royal and classy, ​​and the weaving technique helps in high absorbency. “The higher the thread count, the finer the fabric because the humidity level in the air is higher during monsoons. When buying a bed sheet, the material you sleep on becomes an interior. Above 180 TC Anything is good for monsoon season,” adds Luthra.

Add fun with patterns and prints.
Use floral and leafy patterns to add to the monsoon atmosphere. It helps to create a cozy feeling in the bedroom.

Use contrasting colors.
Use colors that contrast between your living room furniture and your cushions. For example, a beige or white sofa will sit comfortably with dark green, magenta- and yellow-colored cushions.

Playing with textures
Beautify your living room with different textures, such as tufted cushions and velvet, you can also combine them in solid woven cushions to create a texture play that not only pleases the eye but also creates a lasting impression. Luthra opines, “The best for monsoons are textured cushions with the addition of a playful tufted cushion cover.

Add freshness with candles.
Add scented candles to refresh the glow of your home. A fresh and earthy fragrance with citrus-like scents perfect for monsoons.

Decorate your home with fresh flowers.
Peonies, lilies and tulips are the perfect antidote to the gloomy weather outside. “Placing flowers in vases around the house not only de-stresses but also enlivens your space,” says Dhruv Kataria, interior designer.

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