5 Insance Facts About Young Sex Dolls

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There are so many misconceptions about the use and the advent of young sex dolls. From being labeled to being immoral and unethical to being now popular and widely accepted, young sex dolls have certainly gained a reputation for themselves. 

However, there is a lot of misconception around them due to a lot of unverified information on the web. So, let us understand a few facts about young sex dolls in order to do away with the wrong information about them.

1. A man in the USA has married his sex doll

Dave from Michigan recognizes his sex doll as his wife. Although, he is not legally married to his sex doll he regards it as his wife. He also owns two more sex dolls and calls them his companions. Interestingly, the dolls have their own Twitter account as well.

2. The Japanese refer to sex dolls as “Dutch Wives.”

Sex dolls are believed to have been invented by the Dutch sailors. These men used to spend a lot of time at sea so they were in dire need of some companionship. Hence, they invented dolls to help them. 

The sailors also traded the dolls to the Japanese for clothes and money. The name stuck with them for centuries and even now, the people of Japan refer to sex dolls as Dutch Wives.

3. Sex dolls are heavy.

Although it might sound baffling young sex dolls can weigh up to 115 pounds. Synthetic dolls sound very light weighted but actually weigh and feel like a real person.  So, if you are looking to get a sex doll for yourself then don’t be shocked when it arrives at your doorstep. Expect it to be heavy. 

4. There are limited options when it comes to male sex dolls.

When it comes to male sex dolls, they only account for 10% of the sex dolls manufactured worldwide. Most of the young sex doll market comprises female sex dolls. They are more popular owing to various reasons. 

5. Podcaster Howard Stern made sex dolls popular in the ’90s.

After Howard Stern ordered a young sex doll on his show and apparently had sex with it while on air, the popularity of sex dolls saw a tremendous increment.  As the show reached a lot of people across America and Europe, more and more people were intrigued. This led to sex dolls sale skyrocketing in the ’90s.