5 Helpful tools to write email for marketing

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Email is often regarded as Facebook's gloomy relative who is never invited to the marketing party. Because it has been there for decades and is all about labour, it has a boring image. It is often seen as a necessary evil that cannot compete in terms of marketing with the pretty amusing Twitter gentleman.

When opposed to the dowdy and buttoned up email dingleberry, YouTube or Pinterest is like a supermodel. However, every experienced marketer, blogger, or online business owner who has been around for a while will tell you that developing an email list from the beginning is a top priority. It is yours, and it is proven to work.

It may not be the life of the party, but it is the dependable PA who just gets the job done. It is like having an accountant who knows what numbers imply. Some of us have been too engrossed in the flashy new marketing tool known as social media.

What is Email Marketing?

            One of the fundamental elements of an online marketing plan is email marketing. When blogging was in its infancy, it was sometimes the sole marketing technique accessible to bloggers. It becomes necessary when you are chasing a large number of leads in order to advertise your brands and items. With so many responsibilities to handle, such as:

  • ·          Taking care of an auto-responder
  • ·          Managing your clients' subscriptions
  • ·          Sending emails to your prospective clients
  • ·          Follow-up emails are being sent out.

This can be a difficult process. As a result, email marketing software for bloggers and businesses that helps them manage their email lists and is built for simplicity of use and comfort becomes a highly important marketing tool. Marketing channels and trends change throughout time. While certain fads come and go rapidly, email is one of the few mediums that has stayed relatively constant. The content of your email must be aligned to the theme as per the user requirement, so, if you want to create a copy of it and need assistance of any kind on this field do check out EduWorldUSA experts. They can help you with writing a fresh copy for email. Email remains the most popular content marketing medium for both B2C and B2B marketers.

It is used by 87 percent of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers to nurture their audiences. It can also help you boost the effectiveness of your other marketing platforms, such as social media. Despite this, email marketers continue to encounter several obstacles in their efforts.

One of the most significant obstacles is the time it takes to produce a professional-looking email from start. Marketers may waste a lot of time writing and sending out emails that do not look great if they do not have the right tools. This reduces productivity and lowers your email marketing ROI.

            Many businesses accept this predicament because they are unwilling to invest in a technology to streamline the process. Email marketing tools, on the other hand, do not have to be costly. There are several free email marketing solutions available that may help you save time and money. Here are the top 5 helpful tools to write email for marketing:

1. HubSpot

HubSpot, which is most known for its marketing automation technology, has released a free email marketing solution that can handle many of a small business' transactional email requirements. HubSpot Email Marketing's free version may send kickback emails from lead offers, thank you emails after purchases, or just promote existing initiatives. The simplicity of HubSpot's free email tool is one of its finest features.

The program has a drag-and-drop visual editor as well as pre-made templates to get you up and going quickly. The integrated connection with other HubSpot tools, such as the free-forever CRM, is, of course, what sets HubSpot Email Marketing apart. You receive access to both tools once you establish an account, so you can construct a centralized contacts database, arrange it in lists, and monitor and track email performance.

2.  SendinBlue

SMS and email marketing tools for businesses, SendinBlue. A leading email marketing platform in Europe, they've seen explosive growth in recent months. You can generate attractive and highly engaging emails with ease with our platform. To get started, you may use their drag and drop email editor. The content you prepare for email marketing has to be full proof and without any kind of mistakes be it grammar or sentence formation. So if you need any assistance in checking your content and make it free from grammar issues, experts from TopAssignmentExperts are undoubtedly the best in this field and can ease your situation before you blink.

Marketing automation capabilities in SendinBlue are user-friendly for beginners, allowing you to send transactional emails, establish workflows for automated follow-up emails, and segment users. It may also use AI algorithms to determine the ideal time to send bulk emails to ensure the greatest email deliverability possible.

3. Drip

For eCommerce and digital businesses, Drip is a robust corporate email marketing platform. A wide range of technologies are available for marketing automation, sales funnels and personalisation to be as seamless as possible. Their email programme integrates seamlessly with all common website builders, including WordPress and WooCommerce, according to the company's spokesperson.

So, you can add pop-ups and opt-in signup forms to your website with ease and collect more leads with less effort. There are a number of features that set Drip different from competitors like Campaign Monitor, like better email segmentation, split testing capabilities, list groups, and a visual automation workflow builder, among others.

The emails you are using for marketing also have to be plagiarism free otherwise the authenticity of the content is questionable along with the services provided by the company promoting through email marketing. If this is the scenario, and you need naked eyes to check the content for plagiarism issue, do choose experts from TFTH as they are best known for proofreading content and delivering plagiarism free content which will be beneficial for you.

4. ConvertKit

A powerful email marketing platform for professional bloggers, authors, and marketers, ConvertKit offers a wide range of features. Easy to use and highly strong, it's a winner. You can simply provide content upgrades and incentives using email registration forms in ConvertKit.

In addition, you may send drip emails from their emailing service using easy-to-manage autoresponders. With ConvertKit, you can simply divide your subscribers into those who are interested and those who have actually purchased something from your website.

With automated emails that feel more personal, you can boost conversions and increase sales. This is known as targeted email marketing.

5. SendPulse

            SendPulse bills itself as a multi-channel marketing platform, yet email marketing is its most popular function. It includes a large number of professionally designed email templates that you can quickly alter with a drag-and-drop editor. You can then schedule these personalized emails to be sent out at the appropriate time based on user behavior, event triggers, and other factors.

The subscriber rating tool in SendPulse is a great method to figure out who your most valuable subscribers are. It allows you to examine each subscriber's open and click rates, as well as their read and unread rates.

You may also customize your emails with replacement text boxes based on your name, gender, and date of birth, age, and work position.