According to the report, some NFL executives want to remove Browns’ Dishon Watson from the field until the civil cases are resolved.

The Browns quarterback is Dishon Watson. Determined to clear his name. Alleged sexual harassment and insults while expecting the NFL to suspend. But some executives inside the league’s office want the former Texas star banned from playing until all of his pending civil cases have been settled. According to ProFootballTalk. Continue Reading

Border agents discouraged after ‘political’ investigation into allegations of ‘whipping’ Haitians

The head of his union says morale is plummeting in the ranks and file of the US Border Patrol, which understands the Biden administration’s investigation into bogus claims that agents treated Haitian immigrants as nothing more than political witchcraft. Understood Agents targeted by the Department of Homeland Security investigation have Continue Reading

The White House has called for Biden’s intervention, saying “inflation is high everywhere.”

White House Press Secretary Crane Jean-Pierre spoke Thursday with a reporter who questioned President Biden’s erroneous claim that inflation is “everywhere” higher than in the United States. Annual US inflation hit a recent 40-year high of 8.6 percent in May, but Biden on Tuesday claimed that the United States was Continue Reading