2022 Top 10 NFL QBs: Buccaneers’ Ageless Tom Brady Headlines a Group of Ascending Young Superstars

Football is all about quarterbacks. Okay, not at all, but it certainly feels like that sometimes, right? Increasingly, the NFL off-season has become a superseded QB carousel, with contenders rising and falling based on the domino effects of signal caller replacement. This is understandable given the importance of owning a franchise arm in the Happy League today.

But which QBs are the best to enter the 2022 season? We’re glad you asked. It hurts us to drop a handful of proven passers-by from the top 10 of our pre-training camp here, but we have confidence in the finalists. If nothing else, the following names (And Names are missing) You have to tell how much talent is in the center.

So what, exactly, were our criteria for ranking QBs? We tried to strike a balance. Past production, Current value And Future perspective. But at the end of the day, this list might be easier to consider. Our best answer to these two questions: Which QBs do we rely on the most? And which QBs are in the best position to succeed this year? In recent calls, we have tried to separate QBs from their respective teams so that their value can be considered. For example, if you replace Dak Prescott and Derek Carr, whose team will be better?

Without further ado, the top 10:

10. Doc Prescott (Cowboys)

The doc’s resume lacks the success of a relatively large game, and its offense has some lesser-known question marks, from a new right-tackle line to Amari Cooper and Cedric Wilson Jr. without the Receiving Corps. But he does all the little things well in and around his pocket, and he still has an elite trio of outlets at CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup and Dalton Schultz. As long as he is healthy, you can usually count on numbers. 4 To keep you in the playoff conversation.

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The former MVP has always been a different animal when it comes to QB analysis. With Michael Vick-esque lightning, he is better described as a weapon than a steady passerby. And air performance should improve, especially in the big games, the worst season of the career that ended with an injury. (The Ravens seem to double on their run heavy approach for better or worse.) But healthy and supportive, few players can change the game so quickly.

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His immediate Super Bowl with the Reims occasionally helped shape the Lions’ career, which never translated into the team’s lasting success. Even 13 years later, he is still forced to throw a lot. But you can’t teach the natural strength of his arm, and LA, which went from good to great thanks to his great abilities, is fully committed to its completion, giving him a deep, balanced support. Cast (Cooper Cup, Alan Robinson, etc.) flourishing.

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Russ is now perhaps a bigger wild card than any other turning point in his illustrious career, not only recovering from a finger injury that disrupted his rhythm but also leading a team other than the Seahawks for the first time in a decade. ۔ The change of scenery may include increasing pain in addition to the AFC West competition. But as long as he doesn’t often try to be Superman, he still has a touch of gentleness, humor and a deep ball to get Denver back on track.

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Joe Cool has raised the bar very high in two years, from an unshakable rookie to a Super Bowl starter. Her perseverance and resilience get everyone’s attention, but she’s already a remarkably effective pickpocket – one of the top real point guards in this position. It doesn’t hurt that he’s got one of the NFL’s top talent groups, headlined by his immediate favorite Ja’Marr Chase, and a better starting five up front. He can compete with anyone if he is safe and plays smart.

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In just two NFL seasons, the Oregon Product has made it a case for being the best modern prototype in the QB: big (6-6, 236) and athletic, but durable and efficient with its arm laser. The only thing missing from his youth resume is the appearance of the playoffs, but he has not lacked the comfort level of an experienced level since coming as the “RAW” first-rounder. He is also in the growing enviable lineup of Austin Eckler, Cannon Allen, Mike Williams and his superior contemporaries with a strong line.

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If there’s one QB on the verge of superstarism, it’s Allen. In fact, they may already be there. Since entering as a big-bodied athlete with a scattering arm, Allen has moved on to the annual MVP candidate, pairing a tough race with a tight end size and a deep ball cannon. As long as he is wired to make a big game, he will be at risk of potential turnover or injury. But his physical gifts, paired with proven bullshit talent like favorite target Stefon Diggs, make him an easy candidate to make the title run.

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The A-Rod’s Hall of Fame level race in Green Bay has reached a critical juncture, with a long history. 1 receiver Davante Adams left and the Packers failed to translate three consecutive 13-win seasons into the Super Bowl. Even at 38 years old, however, he guarantees more confidence in the game than anyone else, especially in crunch time. It may have to work harder with the redesigned WR core (or tilt more when running) but it still has almost unmatched confidence, accuracy and preparation.

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In four years as a full-time QB, Mahomes has raised the bar so high that everyone is worried about whether he is winning every game with a walk-off, a throw away from logic. Is. Criticism was justified in 2021, when he too often relied on off-script moves to get the chiefs out of the crisis, and committed 17 career turnovers. But no one moves and works so freely about the pocket, and his playground style makes the most of Andy Reid. Its revised WR Core, now missing from Tyreek Hill, may require adjustment, but not as the MVP of a unit that prides itself on continuous, creative explosiveness. 15 is always responsible for stealing the game at the last second.

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Father Time has nothing to say here. There may be a day when Brady, going to 45, can’t fire the ball with authority, but we’ll believe it when we see him. After moving from the Patriots to Bikiniers, his arm seems to have grown stronger. And while he still has a sculpture in his pocket and can still be tempted to pick it up like any old QB, the most fearless, most readable, most influential signal in the TB12 game Is calling Its effects on the team around him cannot always be described, but it is felt. He is a living legend, and more importantly, he still has the mechanics, physics and vision to win another title. Playing under Bruce Arens could cause a hiccup in the Todd Bowls, but it’s more likely that Brady will simply have more control over his unit, which stands with strong blocking and elite playmakers.

Next level

Derek Carr (Raiders) Keller Murray (Cardinals) Kirk cousins (Vikings) Matt Ryan (Colts) Ryan Tenny Hill (Titans)

Most of these guys will gladly take you to the mix and maybe, maybe, run an amazing race. But each of them has big questions that prevent them from being labeled “elite.” Car And Cousin Much like most people realize: they are both humble but charming leaders who have effectively posted Borderline Top 10 productions. And Big play passers, but they both lack great game stardom. Murray He is a shining talent when in healthy and peak shape, rocket-armed QB running back body, but all three of his seasons ended either in injury or in a fall. Ryan And Tenny HillMeanwhile, AFC South has older placeholders for claimants. The latter is more mobile and has helped turn Tennessee into a fighter but has struggled to make its mark in the playoffs, while Ryan is more of a service these days than the Falcons for the Colts. There is a reason for rejuvenation after trade.

Honorable mention of the Dark Horse

Jalan is in pain. (Eagle) Tray Lance (49ers) Trevor Lawrence (Jaguar)

You can put other names according to your preferences here: Zack Wilson (Jets), maybe Mc Jones (Patriotic) and Your Tagovailoa (Dolphins). Just call them young guys who have had mixed results in the NFL but have either the talent, and / or the supporting cast to potentially make the big leap in 2022. Hurts He has all the moccasins and metals you want in a starter, not to mention the ability to run hard, and now he has to prove that he can be a playoff caliber passer with better support. Lance He has all the physical tools – good size, good touch, good speed – and it looks like Kyle Shanahan has a simple combination in Run Heavy System, but he’s still completely as a thrower. Unproven. Lawrence Jacksonville is a forgotten man after a lost rookie year, but he’s only been removed from the draft as a unanimously beloved prototype for a year, and now he’s got Doug Pederson so he can Help revive your soul on and off the field.

Deep, deep sleepers

Carson Wentz (Commanders) Daniel Jones (Giants) Justin Fields (Bear) James Winston (Saints)

A better explanation would probably be “reclamation projects”. Wentz Isn’t that as bad as the toughest critics suggest, but is Washington really the place to strike a balance between expanding and destroying dramas? Jones New York has endured some kind of setup, but can Brian Double wipe out his passion for following a great run / throw? Fields It’s easily the group’s most exciting talent, potentially a top 10 double threat, but tied to an insecure supporting cast. And Winston He may have played smart before going down in 2021, but he has rarely been healthy or turnover-free for much of his career.


Dishon Watson (Browns)

On the field, he’s still in the top 10 QB after failing to fit in 2021, combining top-tier scambling capability with a great sense of pocket and beautiful downfield touch. The Browns, meanwhile, are one of the deepest teams in the NFL – easily presenting their best lineup as a pro. The issue is off the field, with Watson facing a potentially major suspension in the face of 24 civil cases (and counts) alleging serial sexual misconduct. He denies all wrongdoing, but who knows what and when he will go to the center as a fully available, completely distracted leader?